Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the lies...

been a good girl all my life,
and it ain’t getting me anywhere.

been a good girl all my life,
and trust me life doesn’t play fair.

been a good girl all my life,
and here I am staring at life BLANK on every side.

Somewhere lies the lies,
somewhere lies the decit,
i don't know why
but i don't know how things came to be the way they were.
i have only you to blame,
that is all i know.

been a good girl all my life
yet it turned out this way

been a good girl all my life
yet you thought it was ok

been a good girl all my life
been a good girl all my life
that's all i have to say.

Monday, November 26, 2007

finger fries?

yah woteva!

over a cup of coffee...

somepeople get signing their names on tissue napkins.

hey! don't ask me, i dint ask for a autograph!

maybe they were doing it, just to remind themselves of their name. incase they ever forget it.


who's the dude?
oh! he's my best best best buddy. goes by the name of 'ankur'

Friday, November 23, 2007

a day in the life of ME!

ok so i love to talk
so much so i forget with whom i was when things take place!
old age you see. it happens.

so there! that's what happened!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


actually i slept the whole day on saturday, so its keeping me awake.
ok so i am facebooking to pass time but still not helping.
reading too i tried, currently am reading 'the secret of al-qa'ida' lets see what's written.
and i just realised i am addicted to, no not dope or alcohol, but to buying books!!!
yeah i do read but gosh the number of books i have! it's a good thing right? i mean i am a compulsive book buyer! OMG... OMG... deep breaths does it.

ok ok i am still not sleepy.

now let me get back to facebook!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

and a happy diwali it was...

yeah thats me again, sans my pink shoes, but it was night ok! and my shoes were in mumbai and yes i was having a blast on diwali.

oh that's my brother, a super smart geek! ahem...

anyways here we are both at home finally after a long time and I wanted to do something we always did as kids.

so off i went to the shop and bought a box full of sparklers!!!
so cool no?

i loved it... and yes i did add to the pollution... but who cares!
it is DIWALI!!!

oh dont forget out to check out my brother's intricate sparkler art.

happy the childrens the day

yah rite... children we are!
and will always be

if u don’t kno whos who in my masterpiece well -- this is MY GANG!
L-R: Pankaz, shanky, Appy, Bonnie, me with my pink shoes, ankur, mallika, sandy & Sharon.

check out pankaz -- trying to grab onto appy'a hand LOL!
shanky -- dakhan! wot does appy call him? flirtilisor? always on the phone... moron!
appy -- well she has the best bags around and the maine :)
bonnie -- yah super big time jerk! always after my happiness.
me -- me & my pink shoes (super cool no?)
ankur -- khooni haati, moron. cant find anythin better in life to do than irritate me!
mallika -- what can i say... i forgot to draw the ring ;)
sandy -- bhai! the quietest one in the gang.
sharon -- he he ha ha

so that's us!
kids who sometimes pretend to be grown-up.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


yeah thats my friend aka my husband!

oh u dint know i got married?
ha tats bcos i dint invite you.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

forgetting my way...

the below is to USMAN!
a dedication to the most forgetful person on this planet.
and also a good friend :)

now, get ready to take a journey into the mind of the usi-man!


actually i forget a lot of things...
but it aint my fault!
it's not the way i am
or it's not the way i want to be!
it's just life playing a cruel trick on me. :(

i don’t forget to cuss the alarm clock in the mornings.
though there are times when i forget to comb my hair.
but i don’t forget to grab a bite before leaving home.
nor do i forget to pick my lunch box.

what i do forget is to sometimes renew my train pass.
but that doesn’t stop me from forgetting not to swear in the crowded trains.
i forget to or pay heed to my family's advice of not hanging out of the trains.
and i forget the next hour as i am crushed amongst bodies, like them sardines in a can.

what i forget is to sometimes organise my day.
i forget to tell my team what lay ahead.
i forget i am the authority or lay down the rules.
i forget simply cos i don’t want to wanna hurt nobody, or is it that i forget to get mad.

what is it that i forget?
is it the birthdays and the anniversaries?
is it what i have to do?
is it where i am going?
is it what am i going to eat?
is it my way home?
what is it?
i just cant seem to remember!
oops... there goes me forgetting what i have to do again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Everybody wants to be a Cat

I so love this cartoon. '

and watching this, growing up, I so much wanted to be a cat. ;)

The Aristocats

Thursday, October 04, 2007

26 years of wedded bliss!

Ok how do people do it?
Forget about people how have my parents achieved this?

26 years of togetherness + courtship + neighbours from childhood = forever!

I for one can’t stand the same person after sometime. I need variety. Yup that’s me. I get bored easily. Very easily indeed. Ok may be not so easily.

Ok ok so how is this done?

My observations:
Go umm… hmmp… ok… even if you not listening.

To keep the kids happy, always blame it on the other parent.

Actually I do not know.

I have not managed to have a successful relationship ever! So taking advice from me, spells disaster.

Bye, I think I need to have a talk with my mom and coax my dad for the car maybe. Or an i-phone. If you are wondering… my dad, never says no to me. I am his little princess.

Now I hope that talk helps. I am a confused species. Blame it on the generation. There aint nothing wrong with me!

Oh yeah… & happy wedding anniversary Mama & Papa.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Throw ME a Word

It's so easy. try these throwing these words around.

moron... lunch... match... fun... doubting...
...fucking... hate... piss... me... support...
mouth... shut... meeting... sumptuous
...thanks... emotional... shit... announce...
glory... lonely... important... 100's... fit... hope


use it how you want. in whatever context.

use them as a part of any sentence.
use them to...
hurt me -- i give you the freedom

love me -- no one stops you

just don't think it don't matter to me or for that matter YOU!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Keep Losing My Way

I had nothing to speak about for a real long time well that could be due to the fact that I’ve been extremely busy.

So busy that I’ve feeling everything is pulling me under. Work, personal life, work, family, work, friends, work, work, work…

Some of my friends have tagged me as a workaholic. This title could ring true. Damn it’s true.

Over a cup of coffee with a friend, he tells me that I am the single most hard-working girl he knows. The others, he says leave it all, to get married or are scared of the hardships striking it out on your own involves.

Ok so I smile at his words, I love my life, my career, my freedom.

But at times I wonder if I am doing the right thing? Putting a career before everything else. Actually trying to be somebody for what I am not just who I am.

But amid all this... can anybody see me, because I can’t seem to see myself!

As i stop to listen I realize how much these words ring true. Below are excerpts for Justin Timberlake’s single, which describe exactly what I am going through.


And it's breaking me down
Watching the world spin round
While my dreams fall down
Is anybody out there?

It is breaking me down
No more friend around...
And my dreams fall down...
Is anybody out there?

Can anybody out there hear me?
'Cause I can't seem to hear myself
Can anybody out there see me?
'Cause I can't seem to see myself...
There's gotta be a heaven somewhere
Can you save me from this hell?
Can anybody out there feel me?
'Cause I can't seem to feel myself

Losing my way
Keep losing my way...
Keep losing my way...
Can you help me find my way?
Losing my way
Keep losing my way
Keep losing my way...
Can you help me find my way?

Oh my god please forgive me (father hear my pray)
'Cause I know I've done some wrong in this life
If I could do it all again
Have just one more chance
To take all those wrongs and make them right

Can anybody out there hear me?
'Cause I can't seem to hear myself
Can anybody out there see me?
'Cause I can't seem to see myself
There's gotta be a heaven somewhere
Can you save me from this hell
Can anybody out there feel me?
'Cause I can't seem to feel myself.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An Ode to Gaurang

This ode was just too good to let resting pinned up on a wall.
This one’s by Tan, on our 1st Wedding Anniversary…

An Ode to Gaurang
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day.
The sweet spring breeze, the monsoon rain,
But Alas,
Though are more glorious than the comparison convey,
And the sweet spring breeze only lingers for a while.
The rain showers us not with the gifts that you do,
The seasons fade but your love is true.
For no bolt of thunder is as the jolt of laughter,
That makes me wonder of the before and after.
Before this life of wedded bliss,
Was an empty nest that thou miss.
For with great confidence I do reckon,
That no other husband doth beckon,
He’s only two wives to step not the doors
And seek out other paramours.
One with the speech of a far away place,
And both far too annoying to face.
For something there is that doesn’t love a wife,
But this is not you for you have pledged your life.
You have brought us joy, you have warmed our hearts.
Dear husband, dear Gaurang,
We thee shall never be apart.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting the FORMULA right

So the prancing did what they had set out to do in a real long time. Though I missed watching the race, I did phone a friend and get the results. Thank God for small miracles.

Of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure, that I am a Ferrari fan.

My brother gifted me a 50 year special edition Ferrari book and,
now my friend, the crosswords guy even bought me the 60 year Ferrari edition on Top Gear magazine.

Yeah and the fact that I got a F1 scaled down car from a best friend. And it’s not a Ferrari! That’s a gift only a best friend would ever think of getting you.

A Renault! The team who last year kicked Ferrari’s ass. Autographed by Alonso that too!
Ok so ok. I loved the gift anyway… Thanks Ankur, love you for this.

And guess what, I was even quoted in the BUZZ, a supplement of the Times of India, my quote as follows...

A case in point is 23-year-old media professional, Jolene D'Souza. "My brother used to follow F1 religiously, and I had no choice but to watch whatever channel he was watching," she says, in between stealing glimpses of the race. "A few races later, I was hooked. The excitement of who's going to win, the speed and skill interest me," says the Schumacher supporter who's dragged her friends along to watch the race at the Sports Bar in Colaba. "It is so much fun to watch the race at a pub, with friends—the excitement is palpable and you can scream like mad," she says, pointing to the wild crowd.

All said and done, its time Ferrari proved their supremacy.
And the prancing horse gallops to glory!


We are a confused generation
Caste, Creed, Colour!
You might be in denial but it still exists, you dumb f*%$!
Who are you kidding?

You don’t care about caste, creed or colour?
Yah right… I just got a sentence for you – Stop lying to yourself!

The fact of the matter is no matter how high we climb in life, no matter how radical our thinking might be, it comes down to the f&%$ing basics -- Caste, Creed, Colour.

What you crying about??
Yah it was your f&%#ing mistake to be born into a lower caste than me.
It is your cross to carry and deal with it!
So you think climbing the corporate ladder and bags full of money will wipe out the fact? Don’t fool yourself.

It’s a fact… the sooner you accept it, the better it is for your and society!
Yeah society! We are supposed to living in a cultured developed environment.
But should you mingle with someone from a lower caste.
You are an outcast!!!

Shame on you… You dirty freak!
What will people say?
Think think what will people say?
And suddenly your happiness is more important than some godforsaken retard!

Ok who was it that told me – All God’s are One!
I suggest you go get your head checked.
We live in a society where there are Hindus, Catholics, Muslims, etc.
Yeah yeah all is fine, we co-exist.
But should someone want to breach the gap… then its World War IV waiting to happen.
No one wants to accept the fact that may be they could more than exist.

It's reality my friend.
The sooner you accept it the better it is for you and me,
Or so I was told!

May be you are right!
It’s another rule society has placed on us.
Cross the line and we will cast you as an outcast.
So my friend, you better join the crowds.

It's better this way… right?
Good to see you agreeing with me.

And then there is Colour
I was born fair, wheatish. Thank goodness!
There was celebration at birth, at least my colour, if nothing else will bring me good marriage prospects.
Ok am 25 and still single. So much for being fair.

In this light skin crazed country, do you know the number of the population subjected to the torture of fairness creams and ayurvedic remedies.
Self-inflicted or by force, you can run from it but you can’t hide.

But society wants light skinned people.
So how come no one told them to take a hike to America.
We are a nation of brown people and let’s live with it.

Duh man. Get a life!
Or if you can’t get a life… stop cribbing and pick the damn fairness cream.

Yeah I am rude, and I don’t care!
Everyone needs a rude awakening once in a while.

So remember – Caste, Creed, Colour…
In any order it still exists.
It’s a sad REALITY!

P.S. Let us pause for a minute for this extremely sad cause.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I am grinning ear to ear writing this.

It’s because in a long time I am feeling really happy! Happy Happy Happy.

Ok ok I confess! I got PINK canvas shoes. Yes and they are pink. And they are so cool!

And it’s a gift from a real good friend. My birthday gift!
May be it was not on the list. But who cares!

I love shoes!
And I love Pink shoes!!

See the thing is I went shopping with my friend Pankaj, we both live away from our home and there’s no one waiting for us with hot home food or anything. So time spent with a friend is time spent well, rather than going back to a place you have to share with strangers.

So, we went shopping at my favourite store “Westside” and there I see it… Shoes!

That too in my favourite colour, and how could I just not own them.

I bought them but when I got to the counter my friend looking at the excitement on my face says let me make this a gift from me.

Umm OK! But seriously OMG!!! The shoes are so perfect. And the fact that it was a gift from my friend makes it even more perfect.

Hey I know am babbling but I just can’t contain my excitement.

I know a lot of people will hate Pankaj for gifting me the “pink” shoes but I love them.

Thanks a ton buddy!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Hey now I don't need to tell you that, that's ME!
And my friend who is the best illustrator I have ever come across has captured me in my true self.

oh yes! And the illustrator in question is Sameer.
Check out his cool work. (he is linked on my blog)
So get there and check out this cool dude!

The Bhai by ~coolkarnisam on deviantART

Saturday, August 11, 2007

12 days on a holiday! --- Days 2 to 6:

check out my photo blog.

click on image to see what I have been up to. :)

goa this august

12 days on a holiday! --- Day 1:

So I am home. It’s different this time on. Why because for the first time in all my 25 years my brother’s not at home. No one to ignore me, no one to steal kisses from me, no one to irritate me, no one to call me by silly names, no one to run to in case of technical issues… my brother is just not there!

Where did he go, you ask? H re-located as his job demanded so. I understand because I did the same for my career, but its just lonely being the only child at home.

Getting home was not tough. How difficult could it be? I love traveling, especially in the monsoons. So the facts that I had to travel by train dint bother me a bit. Ok I had everyone worried. The day I was to leave the rain gods decided to unleash their blessings. But it’s the rainy reason!

Anyway, my train journey was not that great. I read Harry Potter & the Deathy Hallows, listened to music and dozed off to sleep. Morning, I stood watching the scenes pass me by. The simplicity of life, gripped me. Shepard’s watching their flock, children running to keep up with a speeding train waving at you, women with pots on their head coyly simple at you, while some wash clothes by the stream, the green fields, the simple houses... everything was so so… WOW! For once I felt at peace with myself. Sigh.

(Hey check some of the pictures I clicked)

My dad was there to pick me. And even gave the car keys to me to drive home. Now that’s something I love --- Driving! I find it extremely relaxing! 20 minutes and I was home… into the opens arms of my mom. Bet my family was happy to see me and same here! It’s been so long. Even my cat was glad to see me.

What I intend to do at home?

Sleep, relax, help around at home, watch TV, spend quality time with my cat, experience what’s it to be an only child, eat chocolates, sit by the beach and get a PhD in doing nothing!

That’s it for today!

Its friendship day tomorrow and my friends have already started pouring in their greetings.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

50 Good Girl Commandments

The 50 Good Girl Commandments, or ‘GG-ologue’, are a list of religious and moral imperatives which, are written by ‘greycellsinxs’ and her aid ‘the dark side of the loon.’

Blessed by the Holy One on Mount Moron, these not two but five stone tablets, hold the unspoken truth that about every girls dilemma!

The phrase "50 Good Girl Commandments" generally refers to suppression of the feminine mind. Brain washed, would be more apt, that too done most likely by a family member or society at large.

Here they are as the thought struck…

1. Thou shall honour the wishes of your parents.
2. Thou shall always be home by 7.
3. Thou shall not wear skirts above the knees.
4. Thou shall work towards world peace.
5. Thou shall not display cleavage.
6. Thou shall always cover your head when you go out.
7. Thou shall not have sex before marriage.
8. Thou shall not mouth swear words.
9. Thou shall have only girlfriends.
10. Thou shall not steal covert looks at hot guys.
11. Thou shall only listen to spiritual music.
12. Thou shall not read thrash! (Mills & Boons, Harlequin Romance, etc)
13. Thou shall only watch PG rated programmes.
14. Thou shall not listen to hip hop, rap.
15. Thou shall not adorn thy room with rockstar posters!
16. Thou shall only eat health food.
17. Thou shall not bad mouth others.
18. Thou shall always be eager to please.
19. Thou shall not flirt.
20. Thou shall not watch porn.
21. Thou shall only work towards the betterment of the society.
22. Thou shall not engage in activities such as kissing.
23. Thou shall always help others in need.
24. Thou shall not aspire to be a wanna-be.
25. Thou shall rescue strays.
26. Thou shall not pierce your nipples.
27. Thou shall not adorn thy body with tattoos.
28. Thou shall not smoke.
29. Thou shall not fantasize.
30. Thou shall stay away from alcohol.
31. Thou shall not fall in love with your best guy friend.
32. Thou shall not bunk lectures/work.
33. Thou shall not wear red lipstick.
34. Thou shall believe in fairy tales.
35. Thou shall dream of Prince Charming, white horse et all.
36. Thou shall not overtake while driving.
37. Thou shall indulge in hobbies such as art and gardening.
38. Thou shall not sport short hair.
39. Thou shall not wear sexy high heeled shoes.
40. Thou shall not do it doggy style.
41. Thou shall not swallow.
42. Thou shall emulate a nun.
43. Thou shall not go skinny dipping.
44. Thou shall not get a Brazilian wax.
45. Thou shall only dream of a white marriage.
46. Thou shall stay away from bad boys.
47. Thou shall always feel guilty after sex.
48. Thou shall never masturbate.
49. Thou shall not wear sexy lingerie.
50. Thou shall never go commando.

So remember, all said and done RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN!
Live life, it’s short, it’s fun and it’s worth the risk.

But while you are at it…

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why did you let go?

May be the time was right.
May be you felt what you were doing was right.
May be you thought we had nowhere to go.
May be you thought I would not know.
May be you thought I would not understand.
May be you realized I could finally comprehend…
The hard reality and the pain

Perhaps you thought it was not possible.
Perhaps you felt the space was grace.
Perhaps you cared more than I did.
Perhaps you thought things through.
Perhaps things would have been different…
But did you ask me? Hadn’t I had the right to know!

I will never know,
Cos you never told me so.

I will never feel,
Cos you never let me to do so.

I will not cry,
Cos you always said only girls do so.

But the question still remains…
Why did you let go!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What are you scared of?

Ever since I have been a little girl, I hid behind my mom’s skirt. Afraid to face the world, secure in the shadow of my mom. But what was I scared of then? New faces. People always wanting to pinch my chubby cheeks. Amid the pain I was forced to smile, when all I wanted to scream was, “Stay away you crazy auntie! That hurts!” But as a kid I was scared that action of mine would have brought a punishment, least embarrassed my parents.

But as life passes by you learn to take a stand. You learn to fight the odds.
Growing up teaches you a lot of things.

Now as I look back I realize my school days were the best of days. The pocket money, play time and the only tension one had in the world was -- studying!
Come junior college and there you are thrown in a new environment. What to do? What to say? How do I be cool? Will others like me? Suddenly all I am scared of is – will I be liked by others?

A little later in life I was thrown into a professional college! And as everyone knows, the ragging in professional colleges is inhumane at times. I don’t know how I was spared but I guess my smile and being friends with a few senior boys, literally saved my ass! Believe me I was shit scared the few months of college. Then life became one huge party without actually partying.

All secure for the next 5 years and then suddenly I got to make a living! Support myself, prove myself! Thrown in the advertising industry, believe me mate it’s not easy, I did struggle in spite the fact that I was a university topper! Ok but I guess its life’s way of telling you nothing is easy. Nothing come free! I was not exactly scared of this new challenge but this meant giving up everything I held dear. Arises once again; the questions. Do I really need to leave home to do this? How important is this to me? What am I going to do? Suddenly the odds were against me.

Consider this, I know I am not the only one here but, after 22 years of living in a secure environment with everything at my disposal (a bike of my own, my own room, no chores to do, living in absolute luxury), now I have to take a decision of my own. Some of which would reflect in everything I do. I have never before handled finances, and now I got to shop for groceries, spend on travel, accommodation and what not, and still have to save. So I do I do this?
Scared again was I? I would being lying if I said no!

That’s not all… what else could I have been scared of? Falling in love, maybe?
For all my 23 years I had never known what this feeling was. I didn’t want to give someone the power to hurt me. I was scared of getting hurt. Scared of getting left behind. Scared of not knowing what to do. Scared! Scared! Scared! It was my biggest fear.
May be that’s why I never gave it shot. That, and my mom always wanting something else from me. Then suddenly one fine day I stop caring. I took the plunge! I lived without fear. I guess someone showed me how. I suddenly had all that it would take to fight the odds. It was a testing time. I loved every moment of it. Never a regret. Never will regret a moment of it. Cos this all this taught me one important lesson. “Take a stand for your happiness. No one will do it for you.”
Did I win this battle you ask? That’s an answer you will never know.

All said and done, there’s one thing I would love to share, LIVE IN CONSTANT FEAR. Cause fear will keep you at the edge of your seat. Fear won’t let you lose out.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Tell me if it’s time to move on…

Move on from what you ask?
From a thing so dear,
That now it causes nothing but pain,
May be that and fear.

You got to move on,
They told me,
Yet I held on to hope,
No all I can think of is doing dope.

But as I drown in these mucky waters
There comes friends I know who throw me a rope.
Grab on Jo, they tell me
But the words sound a distance echo.

Where am I?
What do I do?
How do I live now?
How do I live without you?

I laugh.
I smile.
I put on a brave front.
But deep inside I am torn through and through!

I honestly don’t know what to do.
I want to cry my heart out
Blame the world
Hold everyone responsible
But what the f***
I know no cares
Or gives a shit what you do.

Worry not about me.
I will learn to walk again.
Thanks to the chosen few,
May be with thanks to you,
I could learn to live again.

I will learn to live again!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My walk in the rain…

Pitter patter comes down the rain.
I splash about in fun avoiding the drains.
The water gushes, raindrops pelt against me
Yet amid all this I am smiling for reasons known only to me.

It’s the start of the monsoons,
A season I look forward to.
The cool winds, the mighty drops
That helps somehow drown the tears within.

There’s nothing to lose
Everything to gain
And as I turn my face towards the rain
I see a young woman being a child again.

Fighting the rain across me walks a young dad with his child in tow
And that brought back memories of long before
Mama screaming not to get wet
But as a child filling up my gumboots with water was all I cared.

No matter the weather,
No fear of the streams running through.
Finding a path for the paper boats we made
And winning the race was all that we as kids cared so true.

Come to think of it.
There began life’s first lesson.
Me and my paper boat
And the message to swim against all odds.

So as everyone battles the rains,
Some cuss
And some smile in vain…
But I tell you my friend
There’s nothing better
Nothing more refreshing
Than a simple walk in the rain.

Monday, May 21, 2007

STICK to the LIST!

Ok people I am having a mid-20s crisis!

Here’s what the doc prescribed…

25 must haves; I must have on my 25th birthday!!!

1. Calvin & Hobbes Comic Book series.
(have read The Days are Just Packed!)

2. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.

3. Black t-shirts from Westside. Size M-12

4. Pink t-shirts from Westside. Size M-12.
(stay away from the plunging neckline, no matter how enticing they look)

5. A pair of Levi’s.
Size 30. Boot cut. Low-rise. Most importantly blue!

6. Junk jewellery.
Just see that there are trinkets of pink!

7. Lifetime membership at PVR.

8. I-phone!
(need I say more?)

9. Books by some Indian Authors.
Kavita Daswani, Anurag Joshi, Kiran Desai, Rupa Gulab and the likes.
Please ask before buying as have read most of them, but still if there’s a new book pick it!

10. Skirts.
A-line. Colourful and keep them short!

11. More books - Hell Island by Matthew Reilly

12. More More books - Area 7 by Matthew Reilly

13. Even more books - Hover Car Racer by Matthew Reilly

14. Life in a METRO… the DVD.
Loved this movie!

15. A pair of Adidas shoes

16. Holiday to the Andaman’s

17. A trip to London, Paris…

18. A bouquet of red roses
at least 25 of them.

19. Tickets to a F1 grand prix!

20. First class tickets to a cricket match. South Africa vs whoever! In Mumbai!

21. Nokia N 95

22. An iPOD

23. Pink by Aerosmith!

24. Sponsor a tattoo session.

25. A diamond ring!!!

P.S.: Guys please co-ordinate with each other whose getting me what, don’t want 2 of the same things.

NOTE: this list is the sole property and copyright of greycellsinxs. Any one found to be duplicating the same shall be SLAPPED with a legal notice of infringement!

Ok the IMPORTANT thing here is get all the stuff by the 28th of JUNE 2007.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Life in a METRO

It’s a battle of survival
From the beggar child who knocks at your window to the CEO of an MNC; everyone fends only for themselves. I do too.

Even the shortest journey’s the longest
Yeah believe it I could go from the north to the south by a vehicle in 2 hours flat! But a simple 54 kms journey will take you no less than 1 1/2 hour and that too by train.

It’s a battle against time
No one’s got the time. The word here is ‘Jaldi’ or just stand out of my way should I push you reaching my deadline.

A culture clash
There are people from walks of life! It’s India in a capsule. Amazing but true.

Love blossoms around every corner
It’s amazing but true. Look around you see couples blissfully unaware. No matter what society implies, loves got to do what love has got to do. How else you tell me?

The work never ends
Call it corporization or wanting to make money, at the end of the day everyone’s underpaid.

Home is where the work is
For all those who come to the metro, work becomes home. It’s here that you find the most comfort. Going back to your dwelling place is a pain.

Weekends are party-time
No matter what you do, the weekends are known to be stress busters. Party all night! Shaking that booty is all that matters!

The movies are where the action is
We are talking about action on screen. Not like-wise. No doubt the multiplexes rip you off but it offers some solace for a few hours and catch the latest of them blockbusters.

Public transport is the only way to get around
Come on face it! We all would like to be driven around in private cars, but everyone’s a struggler in the big city. Public transport is a blessing in disguise.

It’s the best place to be
No matter what people say! No mater the cursing! No matter the pollution!
The blur of people, the blur of life… here’s where everyone wants to be!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

And LOVE is…

Saying I Love you?

Ok let’s get this straight.
Love is all that one needs yet no one seems to ever get it. Its nature’s sick way of tricking people to… umm reproduce themselves indefinitely mostly for pleasure. And as if by doing so you are going to spread the love? Sex is great, but is it love?

Love also categories itself as a killer method to waste time, money and energy! Mostly yours.

Love is known to f%$# you royally! My bet don’t bother f%$#ing with it. (Physically or like-wise)

Love… lust? Is there a difference?
Just do one thing avoid Love at all cost, not because it simply sucks (stop thinking laterally), it just sucks period!
It jeopardizes all plans of sanity and ends up with you making an ass of yourself!

What’s worse… Love finds you watching soppy love movies, eating ice-cream and spending valuable time day dreaming.
Basically love causes you to fantasize with rather no result.

Ok so what’s my point?
Love; you can’t live with it nor can you live with it.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

When everybody tries to play cupid!

See the thing is or should I say the universal undisputable fact is that no one I mean NO ONE can see you single!
No one believes you when you say that you are happy being single!

What follows are looks that decode as her/his life is so sad that they can’t even find a mate! Hence begins the intrusion in your life. Totally uncalled for and offered absolutely free of cost.

The guilty parties: Parents, aunties, far distant relatives you’ve not even heard of, colleagues, and even friends.

See I believe friends have a valid reason trying to hook you up. After all it helps being “even” in a group. Or whatever weird reason they try to sell to you. Hence my first “Case Study.”

Case Study 1: I thought you two would hit off!
Actually I met this dude before once. He was a mutual friend and the other dude thought what a better way to get my friends together.
Get together did we for coffee. Considering the fact that I was too polite to say no to a Million Dollar Chocolate Brownie which I drowned with water, and he never anticipated anyone being so nice as me.
It was an evening rigged to the core!
Till today I wonder how I could have been so cultured! Bet my Mama would be proud of me. Other than that, when we look back it brings great memories.
Sad for my friend his match making maiden venture dint take off!

Case Study 2: There’s this boy…
It all begins with those three deadly words. “There’s this boy, he’s doing excellently in life. Good job, has a home of his own. Why don’t you meet him?”
Next thing you know is that you’ve been tricked to seeing this moron!
This example runs rampant with all those relatives you so much want to kill.

Case Study 3: Right place, wrong time.
Why am I here? My friend told me to meet her here and now she’s running late. Phew! That bitch! You’re fuming sitting wondering how long you would have to wait.
Then the most fantastic specimen of the opposite sex materializes in front of you. (ok so I smile) A light bulb goes off – I’ve been duped!
Never mind at least the company is not bad. So just when the conversation picks up, the bitch turns up. Stupid reasons are offered. Like I don’t know I’ve been set up.

See these are just 3 reasons I could offer why you need to beware of all those harmless matchmakers, somebody please tell them its called “invasion of privacy!”

But who cares?

The saga continues…

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ok here’s the plan…

I just realized how difficult it is for girl these days to find a decent boy and me being me decided to dish out some absolutely FREE advice.

What you are about to read is purely aimed at making you feel like the world’s biggest loser. Get a life you moron there are much better things to do than reading my crap!

You don’t listen do you? Sigh… Anyway let me humour you. Note, this is written solely to give you some cheap thrills.

Remember that cute guy who used to sit behind you in college. Well too bad for you but even then he had a girl.
What’s with you, move on you dumb ass. He dint find you cute then, he won’t find you cute now! (You’ve aged dear)

Stop staring and do something!
Men being men won’t do a thing. They are as scared of you as you are of them. Come on move on.

Ditch every guy your mom finds you.
They are not what they seem. Neither are you. Find a moron you knows and loves you for being you, not some weird character moms chalked out.

Get your best friend to…You know marry you. (Guy best friend that is!) Unless you’re like me and have 3 best guy friends, then you have a problem coming your way. Remember, the movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding… suggest you have a backup plan!

Drug him.
Not too much. Just enough to get him unconscious and then you can have your wicked way with him. If you still can’t manage that. Go kill yourself.
(Ways to do so can be found in my yet to released book titled 101 ways to suicide!--TM registered)

Or just use the clichéd route, “I am going to be the mother of your child.”
But dear please at least make sure you have unsafe sex first! And sob pathetically later!

Ok and if you are still wondering the reason of this article, keep thinking ‘cos you won’t find one.

I never found it. And neither would you.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Take care my friend, that’s all I could say…

Yesterday could have been any ordinary day.
A day that went by without having you or me having anything to say.
But it was just not some ordinary day.
It was a day that only a friend could sense a loss in a heartfelt and true way.

I never thought life would bring this day by my side so soon.
I guess you too never thought God would take someone you loved away from the midst of us by the noon.
Guess we never anticipated the pain.
All I could do was watch as my friend bleed in silence but not in vain.

I always thought a loss would be just a loss.
But now I know better, cause I sat in trance the whole day.
Not knowing what to do or what to say?
Why? Because, I can only imagine what my best best best friend went through, fighting the pain, the soreness and heart wrenching ache.
Not forgetting the family who couldn’t stop Gods plan for the day.

No words will suffice; nothing will ever feel the same.
Nothing can replace a loved one, especially when that person is your dad.
All I know is that I will always be there,
Should you ever need a hug,
Someone to talk to,
Or a smile to brighten your day.

As a tear rolls down my face,
For a father of a best friend,
I know not what to say,
Cause for a short period I knew him,
he came across the best in every single way.

I can’t do anything to bring him back.
So sorry this had to happen to you and your family.
But what I can do is be by your side,
should you need me in any way.

P.S: These few but sincere and heartfelt words are dedicated to my best best best friend’s dad who passed away very suddenly on this day - 11 april 2007.

May eternal light shine on him and may his soul rest in peace. Amen.
And may God give my best best best friend the strength to carry on and be the support to his family in every way. Amen.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

And the BEST BROTHER AWARD goes to…

First you people gotta meet my brother.

This is what he has to say about himself:
I have two imaginary daughters aged 3 and 4... Both are good looking… I don’t have sons as I’ve decided the ugly male species of my family has to be done away with in this generation!!!

We shall also consider that I own a Magnum Sniper Rifle and I use it on all the people I hate... in other words I’m running out of bullets.

Also, though it may sound hypothetical, the sign on the main gate of our house reads: "BEWARE OF CAT!!!"

See I know he begged & begged till I wrote a testimonial for him but for those who never read the sincere words I typed down, I took the time to log into orkut and copy paste the heart-wrenching words I was rather forced to write.

I don’t know how many of u all know him as well as me but…
When I tell u this BELIEVE me…

This man can go without a bath for days!
(the record - 7 days… the reason – saving water!!!)

He can relish Snort!
(I know it’s a delicacy et al, but eeks I think he doesn’t get food to eat!)

Loves to not to do things as they r… which is good! Rite?

A big fan of rock metal music… cos of him I 2 started liking this noise he calls music!!

It’s taken him 2-3 years n more to learn the guitar…
n believe me till today he doesn’t string a full song!

He loves Tommy Leanne D’souza (who u ask?)
well that’s d family feline! (Though he doesn’t show it … I tell u he absolutely adores her!)

Anyway tats enuf for now!
But on the whole this specimen of the human race is totally harmless & genuine to the core… what u c – is what u get!

So you see why the BEST BROTHER AWARD has to go to Lovell! Aka. Peekacho… MM… Baby Lov… Baby… wotever I feel right to call him. No arguments here! He is my brother!

Ok the rest of you normal people may be wondering… Couldn’t she write something nice about her brother? Well people this is nice. I could perhaps jot down all the clichéd stuff of how my nice a brother he is… loving, caring, woteva!
But that’s not how it is with us!
As much as I love my brother, we cut the senti stuff… its like you guard my back & I will yours.

Enough has been said already. So one last thing, as the recipient of the BEST BROTHER AWARD here’s a bonus title too… THE BEST CRITIC!

The only reason I got to where I am is because of Lov and his mean remarks on my art or anything I do! (for which I am so grateful)

Ok brother enough said about you. (you asked for this too ;)
Now expecting an acceptance or gratitude speech from you in return.

P.S. for all of you who din't know he is the ONLY brother I have.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Run with Colour

Papa used to be abroad and every time he came back home, I remember Papa bringing these boxes of colour pencils. Faber Castell that too. And if that’s not enough, imagine a 4 year old with a 48 colour pencil set. That’s where I could trace back my fascination with colour began.

Art is in my blood, though it skipped a generation on my mom’s side, others could tell or so they say that could see it always in me. While growing up I used to draw and send cards to Papa. (And you know what Papa had each and every single one of them – I came across this treasure one day while ransacking Papa’s drawer)

Ok the point here is I never realized colour would take over my life. I ran and ran away from it. You see I had an option of joining art school after class 10, but as I was trying to get away from colour I ran for another two years, till it finally caught up with me! The last 2 years of my run saw me, I got a running partner. Honestly I had no idea this wonderful person would change my life forever. You see I don’t know how it happened… may be it was influence, may be it was finally me realizing my true potential or may be I just got tired from running. You see I ran with this person simply cos I had nothing better to do other than studying science!

I tell you I had no clue when thanks to this person, i.e my running partner who later came to be my mentor & role model in every inch of the way. Thanks Miss. Lily, I bet the day I told you I am joining art college you flipped over, ha ha I know you though you were responsible for me changing my mind, but thanks to you., I realized I can run but I just can’t hide.

I am still running, but once in a while colour does catch up with me. Now I run not from colour but with colour and in the bargain experimenting with colourful words too.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hard Facts!

Reading they say opens your eyes to a lot of things. Well that and just keeping an open eye to what’s happening about you.

# When it comes to men, even the smart women act dumb.
Yeah who should know better than me? I am smart. I am a woman. And may be I did act dumb. Ok having said that, I am not dumb. Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. Men! We can hate them, but just can’t live without them!

# Whatever happened to good old French-kiss-in-return-for-french-fries rule.
OK please do tell me whatever happened to this rule! Man we won’t bite should you make a move. Duh! Believe me it would be HIGHLY appreciated.

# Men only want you when you don’t want them any more!
What you need to do is show the sucker you got a life other than him. It might not be easy but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. Do whatever; let him feel that pinch of insecurity that my girl’s out in the big bad world. Knock yourself out having fun!

# Relationship with men come with an asterisk that reads ‘conditions apply’.
Seriously this should be highlighted, underlined, made bold, in font size 72, in red and plastered on every guy’s forehead! Man if you think women are complicated, think again!

Disclaimer: This article is not about putting down the opposite sex, it’s for all those smart women who just forgot how smart they were.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Speculative analysis compiled by a highly delusional but very dear friend, I just couldn’t resist sharing this with all of you.

Well to give you a gist of things, we were chatting and for a change I told this friend… oops best friend to focus somewhere else… but alas… you know how highly irresistible I am!
You can’t live with me, you can’t live without me.

So here it goes according to this crazed discoverer.
“My favourite Discovery r u mad ... I intend wining the Nobel Prize for discovering u someday”

The Species: the Jolenapotamus!

The thesis:
• It’s a very complicated being.
• Found deep in the Savanas.... this creature sneaked its way into civilization by hitching a ride on a ship from Portugal in the cargo.
• Has the ability to retract its tail and claws.... the Jolenapotamus can gobble beef and pork at the speed of light...
• Only repellant known till date is Vanilla ice cream.
• Can change skin color from Black to Pink.
But rumors say that once every full moon she also can change skin color to blues and yellows.
• Mating Rituals still unknown.
• Ancient folklore mention about a brave warriors being sacrificed to this being every 100 years
...and the story goes on.

Recapturing the MAGIC!

Feb 14, 2006, at the stroke of 12,
I turned into Cinderella with a phone in hand.

The wishes were many, sincere & true,
As I lay my head on my pillow my smile could tell a story to you.

Woke up thinking it would be just another day,
But what did you know; a colleague decided to make it special for us ladies that day!

The evening is a whole different story,
Some would say, “It defined my life that day.”

But as 4 guys, 4 girls walked into Jazz by the Bay that evening,
Surprise, surprise! We still walked away single that day!
But the fun, love, laughter would stay to warm our hearts always.

Some missed it, but most of all we missed having a friend with us that day.
Though the calls & SMS flowed,
Nothing could replace his absence on this special day.

Never had I realized the true meaning of Valentines Day.
It’s not about making out without your special one, heck you could do it any day!
But it’s about celebrating the love, making someone feel they are special and loved extra on that day.

You could do it for a friend, your parents or your partner.
Just let them know you care.

As this day again approaches…
It sees 4 girls, 5 guys walk into the Hard Rock Café,
Will they walk away single… this year again?

So here’s inviting these 4 girls & 5 guys
Let’s make this another special day.

We cannot recapture the moments,
But lets work our every own magic this Valentine’s Day.

So that some day, when we look back
We will have special memories to warm our hearts on a lone cold rainy day.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Was it just yesterday?

Was it just yesterday we sat over mulling over a cup of coffee?
Was it just yesterday I shopped for someone I don’t even want to?
Was it just yesterday I was sending out vibes of a different kind?
Was it just yesterday I wished I was home?
Was it just yesterday I had that someone special close to me?
Was it just yesterday?
Or was it just another day?

Tell me… was it?
Sometimes we fool ourselves, but there’s this other person who knows just what’s going on. We don’t need to tell, we don’t need to, but yet this person knows without a clue? Who’s this person? Was it you?

Why we do things we don’t want to, is an another thing. May be we wanted to. May be we never learnt to say no! May be we did it as we felt we were obliged to. Why did I do this thing? I do not know!

Now vibes! That’s another thing. How come the person you target them to never seems to get them, yet all those around you know what’s on your mind and what you want to do. But ain’t that the true meaning of sending off vibes?

So was it just yesterday?

Monday, February 05, 2007


Mumbai is an amazing place. Truly amazing! True the life’s pretty fast; you never know where the time goes. But yet you can account for every minute of the time spent! I never realized how cool this city was till I actually started living it. In every sense of the word. While work does keep one busy from Monday to Fridays, it’s the weekends that I actually look forward to.

It’s the time when we catch up with friends, blow some steam or do whatever we feel like. A prelude to the weekends see me cozying up with a thick book (not the chick flick) but some action thrillers, and getting high on RHCP! It’s almost like doing dope (I hope so), the highs are definitely high as am not able to put down either of both. Yeah that and me the lone soul who’s found lurking in the hall or corridors till the break of dawn.

Saturdays = a day of long walks. Believe me its so relaxing.
You think. You walk.
Walk alone. Walk with company.
Walk, that’s all I say. You might wonder where one walks in a city like Mumbai. Try walking around the block. Or just get off a few bus stops earlier and walk home.
Tip: Chuck the cell phone.

Then there are the Saturdays, Saturdays that find friends bunched over beer, breezers, Pepsi, juice, cigarettes and well of course “Onion rings” listening to rock and getting rocked! Discussing or cussing about life, career and relationships. Then there are those who love missing such times and the insights they bring. But what the heck, they don’t know what they miss. Seriously now’s the time to enjoy, be yourself and make the most of this journey we call life! But some just don’t get it!

Sundays = Crash time.
When most of the day is over, I rise. Rise to wondering what today has in store for me. Wondering if I got anything better to do in life today? Wondering? Wondering? Wondering?
Ok perhaps I will read a book or clean my closet.
Sundays ideally s family day, but since my family is back home and the only way I can reach them is through phone, I call on my surrogate family, a bunch of people who I call my true best friends, A.K.A. the Rockstar, Don & Stalker, these 3 I know would do anything for me & vice versa. From keeping a check on me if I reached home safely to keeping tabs on where I am, bet these 3 know more about me than my mom. And yes these 3 do not miss any opportunity to tell me I am too smart for my own good! Duh guys.

That’s how this city is. It cares for you, even when you feel you have no one. I never though I would love it here. But the opportunity that it has provided me, it’s truly amazing! &%$# going to the big apple, we have our big apple right here. Let’s bite into it, right now!

Thursday, February 01, 2007


Why do you always need a reason?
Why do you need to follow the crowd?
Why can’t we walk in circles?
Why do we have to sleep?
Why do we have to live by society rules?
Why were they made anyway?
Why does it make no sense?
Why do we always want things to be different?
Why can’t we be happy the way things are?
Why are we always looking for more?
Why are we never satisfied?
Why are living this way?
Why are do we have to wake every morning?
Why can’t we go on living the way we like?
Why are others such jerks?
Why do we have to learn all the alphabets?
Why does the ball bounce?
Why do cats scratch you sometimes?
Why are dogs dogs?
Why does Saint Peter stand by heaven’s gate?
Why is the sky blue?
Why do all the guys look hot after you in a relationship?
Why are kids so irritating?
Why do young boys think they are motorbikes?
Why didn’t Superman’s mom ever enlighten him on the true meaning of undies?
Why did Phantom wear such ghastly stuff anyway?
Why are Superheroes so over-rated?
Why we do live?
Why is marriage the next thing in a relationship?
Why does every fool run to Goa?
Why is sex such a taboo word?
Why does skin dry in winter?
Why are cold creams called cold when they are hardly ever cold?
Why are guys always running after hot girls?
Why can’t girls read maps?
Why can’t guys ever ever ask for directions?
Why does lying always seem to be a better option?
Why does Salman get into clothes half his size?
Why are guys such insensitive jerks?
Why are we always short of cash?
Why do others always want to matters of your life theirs?
Why do guys eye wander even when they with a beautiful chic?
Why are people sometimes so full of themselves?
Why is applying makeup such a tedious task?
Why can’t you put mascara on with your mouth closed?
Why is kissing such a hyped up activity?
Why is drinking such a big deal?
Why are there different rules for guys and girls?
Why do guys never understand 5 mins means 5 mins?
Why are there times suicide seems to be the only option?
Why can’t you swear before your mom?
Why am I writing this?
Why are you forced to read this?
Why do you even ask WHY?

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Just a thought...

Sometimes we wonder why life has treated us this way,
But hey I wouldn’t want it going for me any other way!

Sometimes up & sometimes down,
It’s a free rollercoaster ride we all get on.

Remember the time when we first met?
I bet you didn’t know this, but was it my smile you first got at?

I’m shy, I’m soft-spoken,
I’m the little girl whose never gone old.

Did someone say shy, soft-spoken?
Are you ok dude? But that girl’s anything but gentle!

Sometimes it’s easier being this way,
It hides the pain and it’s much easier to break away.

Breakaway from the norms
Live life my way!

It’s not easy I tell you,
Cos you have your mom screaming at you even at 600 miles away.

But as we take at a shot at challenging society,
Life has other plans scripted out your way.

Whether it a career or independence,
You have to F&#$ing fight for yourself everyway.

I don’t mean to battle,
But taking life in strife is not easy
Many with agree with me
And this is all I have to say!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

the OXFORD award

I would like to thank my Mom, Dad & brother for their continual support & of course God. And not forgetting all those who needed my help to write copy for their ads through college; with you guys this award would not hold its importance.

Duh! Thank You!
(tear... tear... sob... sob)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Girls on the GO!

OK so i was bored!
What will you do?
Ha... humor me and come along for a ride then.

That's exactly what we did. We being Luzella (my cuz), Luanne (baby cuz, she's only 5!) and myself! Got on my bike and off we went.

OK so we pre-planned the whole thing! Big deal! But taking Luanne was a last minute decision on my path. What the heck the kid could do with some entertainment!

So we went to a temple fair, not far from home. I was dying to sit on some of the rides. Actually wanted to ride the ferris wheel (giant wheel). Though I don't really like the feeling, I want to freak myself out... and wot a better way to do so.

Here we are three young and beautiful girls on the way to our first ride. Cars that go round and round. Whatever its called, we screamed our guts out!

That's not all after eating maize and drowning it with sugarcane juice, and the kid had her idea of fun all satisfied, it was up to us to have some fun. Convincing the kid was a bit tough to sit on the ride, but once on it, guess who was the one yelling like a baby!

OK so I freaked... Imaging dingling 15 feet in the air and your feet swinging free! "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" was all that I managed to chant while the baby giggled away to glory! (I know... its disgusting! What kind of role model behaviour was that anyway!)

But guess wot as the ride came to a halt in mid air, I the ever daring daredevil, take out my camera phone and get clicking. (so much for someone who was scared minutes back! But then again its not everyday you get to click photographs suspended in the air)

At the end of it, man was I relieved when we touched earth & thank God for gravity!!!

I do not know how the time passed, soon I had mom calling asking if I ever intended to come home :)

Not bad huh... I freaked, the kid freaked, and my cuz freaked looking at me freak!

Hey check out some of the pics by clicking on the pic below... njoy!
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