Monday, February 05, 2007


Mumbai is an amazing place. Truly amazing! True the life’s pretty fast; you never know where the time goes. But yet you can account for every minute of the time spent! I never realized how cool this city was till I actually started living it. In every sense of the word. While work does keep one busy from Monday to Fridays, it’s the weekends that I actually look forward to.

It’s the time when we catch up with friends, blow some steam or do whatever we feel like. A prelude to the weekends see me cozying up with a thick book (not the chick flick) but some action thrillers, and getting high on RHCP! It’s almost like doing dope (I hope so), the highs are definitely high as am not able to put down either of both. Yeah that and me the lone soul who’s found lurking in the hall or corridors till the break of dawn.

Saturdays = a day of long walks. Believe me its so relaxing.
You think. You walk.
Walk alone. Walk with company.
Walk, that’s all I say. You might wonder where one walks in a city like Mumbai. Try walking around the block. Or just get off a few bus stops earlier and walk home.
Tip: Chuck the cell phone.

Then there are the Saturdays, Saturdays that find friends bunched over beer, breezers, Pepsi, juice, cigarettes and well of course “Onion rings” listening to rock and getting rocked! Discussing or cussing about life, career and relationships. Then there are those who love missing such times and the insights they bring. But what the heck, they don’t know what they miss. Seriously now’s the time to enjoy, be yourself and make the most of this journey we call life! But some just don’t get it!

Sundays = Crash time.
When most of the day is over, I rise. Rise to wondering what today has in store for me. Wondering if I got anything better to do in life today? Wondering? Wondering? Wondering?
Ok perhaps I will read a book or clean my closet.
Sundays ideally s family day, but since my family is back home and the only way I can reach them is through phone, I call on my surrogate family, a bunch of people who I call my true best friends, A.K.A. the Rockstar, Don & Stalker, these 3 I know would do anything for me & vice versa. From keeping a check on me if I reached home safely to keeping tabs on where I am, bet these 3 know more about me than my mom. And yes these 3 do not miss any opportunity to tell me I am too smart for my own good! Duh guys.

That’s how this city is. It cares for you, even when you feel you have no one. I never though I would love it here. But the opportunity that it has provided me, it’s truly amazing! &%$# going to the big apple, we have our big apple right here. Let’s bite into it, right now!


  1. Hi!!
    Jo, first thing....AMAZING good. at first i found it difficult to understand what u wanna say, but once reading carefully, the picture is crystal clear.
    U r so right, this place called mumbai has given so much....we cam go on and on...about this place.

    you have painted your words so well....
    Rite from the long walk to the onion rings to our masti....everything so much in detail yet so well placed
    i should say u r too good man.

    Jo u really rock....i guess u r 10 times bester than anyone .....Mr. Perfect in this

  2. Hi Prey,
    so you like my city huh... well we like having u here too.


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