Saturday, August 11, 2007

12 days on a holiday! --- Day 1:

So I am home. It’s different this time on. Why because for the first time in all my 25 years my brother’s not at home. No one to ignore me, no one to steal kisses from me, no one to irritate me, no one to call me by silly names, no one to run to in case of technical issues… my brother is just not there!

Where did he go, you ask? H re-located as his job demanded so. I understand because I did the same for my career, but its just lonely being the only child at home.

Getting home was not tough. How difficult could it be? I love traveling, especially in the monsoons. So the facts that I had to travel by train dint bother me a bit. Ok I had everyone worried. The day I was to leave the rain gods decided to unleash their blessings. But it’s the rainy reason!

Anyway, my train journey was not that great. I read Harry Potter & the Deathy Hallows, listened to music and dozed off to sleep. Morning, I stood watching the scenes pass me by. The simplicity of life, gripped me. Shepard’s watching their flock, children running to keep up with a speeding train waving at you, women with pots on their head coyly simple at you, while some wash clothes by the stream, the green fields, the simple houses... everything was so so… WOW! For once I felt at peace with myself. Sigh.

(Hey check some of the pictures I clicked)

My dad was there to pick me. And even gave the car keys to me to drive home. Now that’s something I love --- Driving! I find it extremely relaxing! 20 minutes and I was home… into the opens arms of my mom. Bet my family was happy to see me and same here! It’s been so long. Even my cat was glad to see me.

What I intend to do at home?

Sleep, relax, help around at home, watch TV, spend quality time with my cat, experience what’s it to be an only child, eat chocolates, sit by the beach and get a PhD in doing nothing!

That’s it for today!

Its friendship day tomorrow and my friends have already started pouring in their greetings.

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