Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Why did you let go?

May be the time was right.
May be you felt what you were doing was right.
May be you thought we had nowhere to go.
May be you thought I would not know.
May be you thought I would not understand.
May be you realized I could finally comprehend…
The hard reality and the pain

Perhaps you thought it was not possible.
Perhaps you felt the space was grace.
Perhaps you cared more than I did.
Perhaps you thought things through.
Perhaps things would have been different…
But did you ask me? Hadn’t I had the right to know!

I will never know,
Cos you never told me so.

I will never feel,
Cos you never let me to do so.

I will not cry,
Cos you always said only girls do so.

But the question still remains…
Why did you let go!

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