Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bye bye 2013. I love you.

2013 was a great year for me. It started out as a struggle and unfolded in one full of blessings.

It was a year in which I discovered my passion for baking and nail art.

It also presented the opportunity for us to go on a really long holiday to London and Scotland, one where I got to celebrate my birthday roaming in the rain and watching my favourite movie Despicable Me 2.

Well I lost my much loved Samsung S3 a day before my birthday on the streets of London. So :(

This year allowed us to spend most time with our adorable Brielle, my niece and the apple of our eyes. I got to spend so many wonderful moments with my cousin and her husband. Mariella thank you for giving us a roof in London and Conrad for the amazing food. You are truly a chef extraordinaire.

My brother too got married. So we have a new addition to the family. Welcome Priya.

And my best girl friend popped! I have a nephew too now, one who I am yet to meet but I can assure you I am going to spoil him rotten.

Finally, I got to spend Christmas at home in Goa. There aint a real celebration like how we do it in Goa. My Mama and Papa were glad to have a housefull this year with all of us down even cousins.

So yes 2013 was awesome. Thank you God for the wonderful year. I know 2014 will have it's own set of surprises.

NailsbyJo: Christmas Nails for the Family

This Christmas was amazing. I was back with my family. I got a huge family of extended cousins and almost everyone was down. So, it's only natural that I had to do everyone nails for Christmas.

Here are a few of my designs.

My Mama's nails 
My little cousin Unaine's nails
My nails

My cousin Emily's nails

And my small little toes

Friday, December 13, 2013

NailsbyJo: Holiday Cheer

The holiday season calls special nails. 
So, here are three easy steps to sporting your own fabulous holiday nails.

1. Put on a coat of red paint. I used Revlon Deep Red. A single even coat did the job for me. 
2. Get out your stamping plates. I used cheeky plate numbers 6 and 17 which had the holiday designs. Use the white nail paint for stamping. 
3. Tadaa... Finish with a transparent coat. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BakesbyJo: Blue Ombre Cupcakes

To make Blue Ombre Cupcakes all you need to do is separate your batter into three equal quantities before you mix the colour in it.

In this case I increased the number of drops to get a deeper colour. Start off with 1 drop in first mixing bowl, to two in the next and three in the last one. You can choose to add more colour to deepen the shade. 

Then put this mixture in three separate piping bags.

To fill your cupcake liners, start with the darkest tone and give it a light squeeze filling 1/4 of the liner. Then use the middle tone, squeeze till it fills 1/2 of the cupcake liner, followed with the lightest tone till it fills 3/4 of the cup. 

Now bake as per your recipe. 

Soon you'll have a cupcake that looks like this on the outside.

The cupcake will like this on the inside.

You can choose to decorate the cupcake with butter-cream like I did.

Monday, December 02, 2013

NailsbyJo: Gold dots on purple

My little nails in purple with highlights of gold. The purple is by Models Own. Unfortunately you do not find this brand in India yet, but if any of you visit the UK you can find it in stores around. 

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