Saturday, August 25, 2007


I am grinning ear to ear writing this.

It’s because in a long time I am feeling really happy! Happy Happy Happy.

Ok ok I confess! I got PINK canvas shoes. Yes and they are pink. And they are so cool!

And it’s a gift from a real good friend. My birthday gift!
May be it was not on the list. But who cares!

I love shoes!
And I love Pink shoes!!

See the thing is I went shopping with my friend Pankaj, we both live away from our home and there’s no one waiting for us with hot home food or anything. So time spent with a friend is time spent well, rather than going back to a place you have to share with strangers.

So, we went shopping at my favourite store “Westside” and there I see it… Shoes!

That too in my favourite colour, and how could I just not own them.

I bought them but when I got to the counter my friend looking at the excitement on my face says let me make this a gift from me.

Umm OK! But seriously OMG!!! The shoes are so perfect. And the fact that it was a gift from my friend makes it even more perfect.

Hey I know am babbling but I just can’t contain my excitement.

I know a lot of people will hate Pankaj for gifting me the “pink” shoes but I love them.

Thanks a ton buddy!

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