Sunday, December 31, 2006


It's the last day of the year.

So how did the year shape up?
Did it live up to your expectations or did it just go by?

Ok lets recap.

My brother celebrates his 21st birthday.
N My cuz got married whose just 7 months older to me. Well for the record that was Bridesmaid No. 4 for me!

Valentine's Day. The best ever! 9 single friends got together... umm actually it was 8, so we were all couples. I know what you are thinking, but the amazing part is that we all walked out still single!
Guess this could one day feature in Ripley's believe or not!

I don't really remember anything specific happening during this time... perhaps I was suffering form amnesia.

The last days of class. Post Graduate from XIC in mumbai... We rocked. More partying & picnic'in than academically.
All said and done, I would say we gang members did pretty well. An A grade is not bad! It's good!

Thank God our classes got postponed. After being together for 10 months, most of us felt it should have gone on for another year. Every single extra class was welcome!
We should have been waitin for classes to get over. After all, we as professional working people slogged from Mon-Fri, some even Saturdays & then dedicated the weekends to class! Believe me when i say we had no life!
Then again -- THIS WAS LIFE!

3 gang members threw the party of the year! A birthday bash that had everyone talking. N not everyone was invited.

2 more gang members celebrated their birthdays.

The Independence Day extended weekend saw a gang trip to Goa!
4 days, 3 nights of fun, sand & sea.
N yes churches and how can I forget tons & tons of relatives!
It was the best days of our lives.
The Summer of 2006 (sang on the tunes of Summer of 69... thanks Bryan Adams, we love u!)

Another gang members birthday. Celebrations had to follow!

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.
25 years of marital bliss... now that is something!
N yes another gang members birthday.

The baby in the gang celebrates his birthday. Other than that what more do i say?

A month of total excitement. I just can't wait for it to be Dec 22nd!!!
y? Cos i get to go home. I was really missing home.
From then on its been one helluva party. The best Christmas ever!
Hey did i tell u... I got a ferrari special picture edition book & an F1 car (tat was a birthday gift that was well really belated)

So that was the year for me... Interesting, sometimes painful but on the whole a great learning experience!
So on the last day of the year, let me close it by saying thanks to one and all.
Thanks for being the supporting cast in my movie.
The film is still rolling so till we meet again my friend...
here's wishing you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR'07.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Christmas at Home

Over the rainbow

There comes a time when we all want to hate this person or object as much as it hurt us. Right?
After all wasn’t that how we were conditioned?
You bang a table and the poor piece of furniture becomes bad bad table!
We fall down taking our first steps and it’s a bad floor!
But blame the world… the circumstances… the person.

Come on people, as we grow, we fall.
Knock ourselves over, but it this learning process of life that helps us get over.
There are times when we hurt so bad!
It’s like a sword going through, “It was no fault of my own,” we cry,
Yet the other person felt right to put us through.

So what do you do?
Just what do you do?
Turn to God?
Pray that the Saviour will help you!
Or turn to a friend?
Angel in disguise who’ll do everything by just hearing you through!

Life is tough.
You love. You fail.
Through the darkness sometimes you win.
But most of the time you just go down the drain...

This is not about hating things or people.
It’s about learning to walk again.
Sometimes we wish to inflict pain,
But think again just what will you gain.

When happiness is grabbed from right between your eyes,
believe me, its not easy mate.
But listen to your heart,
it will never tell you to hate!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

if its TRUE!

Sometimes there comes a time in your life when you don’t know what’s true?
If the people you know and the people you trust are really who they are?
But amid this, its sad but true, yes, life does go on...

With the hurt, with the pain, amid the darkness and sometimes in the rain.
Hold my hand least I should fall.
Help me stumble through, in all my goodness least I should hurt myself, falling down and ask,
“Was that really you?”

"Please don’t do this to me, there’s only so much I can take.
It’s not easy honey, but it’s life you are pushing me through with a damn narrow gate!"

Friday, December 08, 2006

God Save the ‘Pink’

I hate pink! Ok that was me like, 2 years back. Indeed I would have nothing on this planet that would have actually associated me with that ghastly colour! It was after all, like all would say “such a GIRLY colour!”

And that made me no different. But what’s with the colour anyway? At the end of the way it’s just a freaking colour!

But no! people still hate the sacred colour. I don’t find it girly per se. But I sure wouldn’t like to see a guy in baby pink, though there are a lot of tones that actually make a guy look good. Ok the question I get repeatedly asked when I try to argue this point, “would you like to see your boyfriend in pink?” or better still, “would you gift him a pink shirt?”

The answer, well why not? I have seen first hand how good a particular tone of pink looks on… well you could say my guy. It’s a different ball game & mind you it doesn’t make him anything less of a man.

I never realized when ‘pink’ conquered my life. Literally conquered! Today I swear the colour has taken over. My wardrobe is a classic example. I have a pink pen, pink slippers, pink bag, and still when I go shopping I feel I don’t have that shade in pink!

So what is it about the colour? I don’t know! And I don’t want to know, why should I kill the fun just dissecting the colour.

Pink is cool!

Pink is happening!

Pink is Yo!

Pink is me!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What you can do to make my Christmas perfect :)

Ok Guys I know it’s along way still to Christmas but yes I would like to give all of you ample of opportunity to do your shopping. It’s Christmas after all!

As much I hate the holiday season, as there goes one more year you have to be happy yet lonely. So come again, that happy season, where all you guys can make a difference in my life. Forget causes like a million candles! Ask yourself do you really want to add to the pollution levels. Support a cause; bring a smile on a young girl’s face. (and if you are wondering who, that’s me!) Now get to the list…

For the 12 days of Christmas, I would love…
An iPOD Nano in a colour no less than the sacred ‘pink’
A pair of BLUE Levi’s size 28 low-rise jeans (it has to be blue, no fancy stuff!)
A pair of Adidas shoes
A ticket to all nite partying
A sponsored experience to Para-gliding
The book ‘Shantaram’
A trip to Andaman Islands
A huge box of ‘Galaxy’ milk chocolates
A dinner for two & a sexy dude too ;)
Go bungee jumping
Go biking cross country
A new digital camera

So there you have it! And you thought you didn’t know what to get me! See I live to make lives easier. After all, if there’s anything I can do to help you please do tell.

And guys, please see all gifts reach my home that is Goa, as will be home for the holidays. Or you can give it to me personally, before I leave. For all those across continents, I bet you all of heard of FedEX?

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holiday blues…

The winters are a time when you get nostalgic? Rite?
No it’s the time when I personally want to kick someone’s ass! I hate them holidays!
Who ever thought of having them. All you do is smile at some relative, be a good girl, & pretend to enjoy yourself!
Call that life! I would love to be out there, climbing some mountain or jumping off a cliff. But that’s not possible. Why cos everyone wants you at home during this time of the year.

But this time I am going to do it! M going hiking & no ones gonna stop me!

I can take a day or two before the system gets to me. Holidays are great but for those who like to enjoy. I want to enjoy but more plastic smiles please. And oh yes what would make me happy is gifts! So should you visit, get me a gift! Come on where’s your manners?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Bowled Over

He walked in and in an instant she was bowled over!
What was there in him?
I don’t know!

But there was something or so she says,
That had her over.
Was it the look in his eyes?
Was it the touch of his hands?
Was it the way he carried himself?
Or was it the manner in which he spoke?

What was it?
I will never know!

But there was this thing.
I could tell even then that would change things would change between them.
It was there for all to see.
Except blame those two, blind in love; they couldn’t see!

It was hilarious to watch them two cover things up!
Deny! Make up crazy stories!
But it was there for the world to see.

How do I know?
Told you I was watching from the bylines.
Offering a shoulder when she cried!
Tried to reason when she was low.
Make him understand the other side or simply let go.

Amid all this,
I tried to figure out if this is love, as she said so.
Was it worth the pain, heartburn, separation?
But come that smile, or those special words
And I tell you she says it all worth it,
And I cross my heart and believe her so.

Why does love do this to people?
Make them do crazy things?
Want to hug one another, want to walk hand in hand
or want to steal looks or much more when no one watches over?
Why why why?

I don’t know!
Guess I’ll never know!

I know you all must be wondering if this is fiction or fact?
I will promise not to tell…
What the hell, you will never know!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Feeling LIFE!

Feeling Blue
Feeling Blue
Feeling Blue
My heart says can’t be true
Can’t be… can’t be true!
I just don’t know what to do.
I am feeling feeling blue!

Feeling Yellow
Feeling Yellow
Feeling Yellow
Why am I feeling so mellow & shallow?
I am such a jackass in a hollow
I am feeling feeling yellow!

Feeling Green
Feeling Green
Feeling Green
Why am I so so so mean?
What did I do?
Is it conditioning that got me so thin?
I am feeling feeling green!

Feeling Red
Feeling Red
Feeling Red
Is it my heart that just bled?
How did it get just so so bad?
I am feeling feeling red!

Feeling Black
Feeling Black
Feeling Black
It’s everything I lack
How did I
I am feeling feeling black!

Feeling feeling
You got to feel
And experiment within,
Hurt and get hurt
Learn and unlearn
Be or not to be
It’s the learnings that you get absolutely free!
It’s the strokes we paint
The hues we use
The tones we dabble with
that’s ultimately make this masterpiece called LIFE!

Feeling blue,
feeling yellow,
feeling red,
feeling green,
feeling black,
feeling feeling LIFE!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Amid the confusion

The mind as they say is well complex!
How did I figure this out?
Actually I didn’t or else would I be writing this thesis on the super-hub of all activities?

So why is the mind so complex?
Question to be noted in bold is…
Is the mind really complex or do we do everything possible to give it the virtue of being complex?

It all beings at a young age.
Remember the time when you first went to school?
Amid all the joys and pains of learning, we were taught that
A for Apple
B for Ball
C for Cat…

Come second grade and it’s
A for Airplane
B for Basket
C for Comb…

Hey whatever happened to A for Apple? Ok, so now it’s A for airplane, alligator, apron, arrow… the list is endless!
In the name of education, we confuse and seek to be confused!

That’s not all come puberty and the complexities of the mind rise a notch higher.
Or actually here’s a time frame everyone should be weary of,
but NO it’s something we all wait and embrace in glee!
And why shouldn’t one, after all it’s not everyday you get to be 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and confused.

The perplexities of the mind don’t stop there either.
By mid-twenties it’s a battle of identity!
By then we tell our mind we are something,
and our mind tells us another thing.
I am a rockstar, but hello do you see me performing with Byran Adams?
(Though I would love to, there are realistic dreams I need to achieve)

Even so all said and done, our minds control who we are, who we want to be and where we go.
So amid all the confusion is a path, we call LIFE
A path we all tread, confused, confusing and add to confusion.

Pulling You Under

Hi this is me,
and there’s no one else I’d rather be.

Over and again we strive to break free!
The things we do,
the things we say,
the things we wear.
But just what exactly do we do to dare?

Am I a person who dares to be different?
Or am I another faceless face in the crowd.
While the former might hold true,
there are some of my buddy’s out there
who’ll agree to anything but the truth.

But then again should I care?
We all strive to be different.
How far are we willing to go in this pursuit of endless identity crisis?

I wonder…
Will sporting a tattoo make me different?
Will a piercing do it for me?
Will being a biker set me apart?
Will bungee jumping give me the ‘it’ factor?
What is it that I can do that will help me be different?

Amidst college and the struggles of everyday life
Lies the struggle of everyday life
The day I seek to find who I am Who will I be?
Where am going?
N where I’d rather be?

A Lone Rainy Day

I was walking & walking.
Then came a thundershower
& the Gods cried down on me!

Why was this poor soul walking alone in the rain?
Why? Why?
Did the Gods ever cry?

I turn up to the sky & say,
“It’s not me who cries, I just drown my tears in the rain!”

Spiraling out of control…

The irritation is spinning out of hand.
I don’t know why.
But then again I do know why
& there’s nothing I can do about it.

It rains. It stops.
Some like the rain.
I like it too but it gets dirty.

M so irritated.
I’ll tell u the reason.
Promise you won’t tell anyone.
Ha! Got you there.
You think I am stupid?
This is a community portal open to all
& what makes you think
I will let the stupid cat out of the bag?

Think people think!
There’s a lot but what can I do?
Just what can I do?

It’s a lonely world out there…
full of dark strangers & people you think you know…
That’s what irritating rite is?

No! I just hate eating too… yeah nice joke!
Me & not eat – that’s what majority of the people think!
But it’s the sickest thing to do... Eat!

Anyway what’s so irritating?
Love songs, man they suck!
Which bunch of hopeless losers writes these songs anyway!

What else is irritating?
People spiting, people ogling, bunch of freaking perverts.
Hate those morons anyway!
It’s such a biased world out there.

It’s so irritating…
It’s so irritating…
It’s so irritating!

Just as the wind blows

It was just an ordinary day,
but there was something about it.
What you ask?
If I only knew… If only knew!

Sometimes life is a cruel path you have to tread.
What’s in store for us you may never know?
But you have to always remember,
no matter what you do or what you say?

It’s the lives that we affect everyday.
It’s the words we say…
The things we do…
Why I say it?
God I wish I Knew.
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