Thursday, April 12, 2007

Take care my friend, that’s all I could say…

Yesterday could have been any ordinary day.
A day that went by without having you or me having anything to say.
But it was just not some ordinary day.
It was a day that only a friend could sense a loss in a heartfelt and true way.

I never thought life would bring this day by my side so soon.
I guess you too never thought God would take someone you loved away from the midst of us by the noon.
Guess we never anticipated the pain.
All I could do was watch as my friend bleed in silence but not in vain.

I always thought a loss would be just a loss.
But now I know better, cause I sat in trance the whole day.
Not knowing what to do or what to say?
Why? Because, I can only imagine what my best best best friend went through, fighting the pain, the soreness and heart wrenching ache.
Not forgetting the family who couldn’t stop Gods plan for the day.

No words will suffice; nothing will ever feel the same.
Nothing can replace a loved one, especially when that person is your dad.
All I know is that I will always be there,
Should you ever need a hug,
Someone to talk to,
Or a smile to brighten your day.

As a tear rolls down my face,
For a father of a best friend,
I know not what to say,
Cause for a short period I knew him,
he came across the best in every single way.

I can’t do anything to bring him back.
So sorry this had to happen to you and your family.
But what I can do is be by your side,
should you need me in any way.

P.S: These few but sincere and heartfelt words are dedicated to my best best best friend’s dad who passed away very suddenly on this day - 11 april 2007.

May eternal light shine on him and may his soul rest in peace. Amen.
And may God give my best best best friend the strength to carry on and be the support to his family in every way. Amen.

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