Friday, January 05, 2007

Girls on the GO!

OK so i was bored!
What will you do?
Ha... humor me and come along for a ride then.

That's exactly what we did. We being Luzella (my cuz), Luanne (baby cuz, she's only 5!) and myself! Got on my bike and off we went.

OK so we pre-planned the whole thing! Big deal! But taking Luanne was a last minute decision on my path. What the heck the kid could do with some entertainment!

So we went to a temple fair, not far from home. I was dying to sit on some of the rides. Actually wanted to ride the ferris wheel (giant wheel). Though I don't really like the feeling, I want to freak myself out... and wot a better way to do so.

Here we are three young and beautiful girls on the way to our first ride. Cars that go round and round. Whatever its called, we screamed our guts out!

That's not all after eating maize and drowning it with sugarcane juice, and the kid had her idea of fun all satisfied, it was up to us to have some fun. Convincing the kid was a bit tough to sit on the ride, but once on it, guess who was the one yelling like a baby!

OK so I freaked... Imaging dingling 15 feet in the air and your feet swinging free! "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" was all that I managed to chant while the baby giggled away to glory! (I know... its disgusting! What kind of role model behaviour was that anyway!)

But guess wot as the ride came to a halt in mid air, I the ever daring daredevil, take out my camera phone and get clicking. (so much for someone who was scared minutes back! But then again its not everyday you get to click photographs suspended in the air)

At the end of it, man was I relieved when we touched earth & thank God for gravity!!!

I do not know how the time passed, soon I had mom calling asking if I ever intended to come home :)

Not bad huh... I freaked, the kid freaked, and my cuz freaked looking at me freak!

Hey check out some of the pics by clicking on the pic below... njoy!
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