Tuesday, November 27, 2007

the lies...

been a good girl all my life,
and it ain’t getting me anywhere.

been a good girl all my life,
and trust me life doesn’t play fair.

been a good girl all my life,
and here I am staring at life BLANK on every side.

Somewhere lies the lies,
somewhere lies the decit,
i don't know why
but i don't know how things came to be the way they were.
i have only you to blame,
that is all i know.

been a good girl all my life
yet it turned out this way

been a good girl all my life
yet you thought it was ok

been a good girl all my life
been a good girl all my life
that's all i have to say.

Monday, November 26, 2007

finger fries?

yah woteva!

over a cup of coffee...

somepeople get signing their names on tissue napkins.

hey! don't ask me, i dint ask for a autograph!

maybe they were doing it, just to remind themselves of their name. incase they ever forget it.


who's the dude?
oh! he's my best best best buddy. goes by the name of 'ankur'

Friday, November 23, 2007

a day in the life of ME!

ok so i love to talk
so much so i forget with whom i was when things take place!
old age you see. it happens.

so there! that's what happened!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


actually i slept the whole day on saturday, so its keeping me awake.
ok so i am facebooking to pass time but still not helping.
reading too i tried, currently am reading 'the secret of al-qa'ida' lets see what's written.
and i just realised i am addicted to, no not dope or alcohol, but to buying books!!!
yeah i do read but gosh the number of books i have! it's a good thing right? i mean i am a compulsive book buyer! OMG... OMG... deep breaths does it.

ok ok i am still not sleepy.

now let me get back to facebook!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

and a happy diwali it was...

yeah thats me again, sans my pink shoes, but it was night ok! and my shoes were in mumbai and yes i was having a blast on diwali.

oh that's my brother, a super smart geek! ahem...

anyways here we are both at home finally after a long time and I wanted to do something we always did as kids.

so off i went to the shop and bought a box full of sparklers!!!
so cool no?

i loved it... and yes i did add to the pollution... but who cares!
it is DIWALI!!!

oh dont forget out to check out my brother's intricate sparkler art.

happy the childrens the day

yah rite... children we are!
and will always be

if u don’t kno whos who in my masterpiece well -- this is MY GANG!
L-R: Pankaz, shanky, Appy, Bonnie, me with my pink shoes, ankur, mallika, sandy & Sharon.

check out pankaz -- trying to grab onto appy'a hand LOL!
shanky -- dakhan! wot does appy call him? flirtilisor? always on the phone... moron!
appy -- well she has the best bags around and the maine :)
bonnie -- yah super big time jerk! always after my happiness.
me -- me & my pink shoes (super cool no?)
ankur -- khooni haati, moron. cant find anythin better in life to do than irritate me!
mallika -- what can i say... i forgot to draw the ring ;)
sandy -- bhai! the quietest one in the gang.
sharon -- he he ha ha

so that's us!
kids who sometimes pretend to be grown-up.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


yeah thats my friend aka my husband!

oh u dint know i got married?
ha tats bcos i dint invite you.
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