Friday, July 01, 2011

Countdown to 30 - The List

The journey to 30 begins. Am i excited about it? Damn right you are.
Now I know a lot of people especially women will think I am crazy, but 30 is gonna be cool. I am going to make it one helluva milestone.

The thing is that I’ve had a great 20’s. I pretty much blew up all my savings on a trip across Europe, I met them Formula One boys, I visited Ferrari World... I’ve pretty much ticked off a lot of things.

So what’s left to do? In no particular order here goes...

1. Watch a Formula 1 race LIVE!
Singapore night race or the Yas Marina Circuit or New Delhi circuit? One of the places in the year to come.

2. Go rafting / sky-diving / bungee jumping / Para gliding
I love adventure sports. So after sitting on the world’s fastest rollercoaster - Formula Rossa at Ferrari Worls, i am waiting for another experience to top that off. Sky-diving may be?

3. Get a tattoo
I’m thinking the eye of Ra or may be a paw print in memory of Tommy Leanne

4. Get slim -15 kgs in the least
God knows I’ve bloated over the years. Am getting on that exercise cycle and am going to eat right.

5. Dye /cut my hair / get a horrible haircut
I hate hair colour some colour. I love my black hair but I need to do something different. or maybe I could simply cut it or let someone experiment with it. DONE - got the horrible haircut. F@#$$%#%

6. Get a scooter
I want one. Period.

7. Become a feature travel writer
Travelling and writing is something that I love too. And every since my trip to Europe I want to make it big as a feature writer. Am getting there, so wish me luck. Do visit my travelogue till then. Drop your comments, I love it when you write back.

8. Get drunk
I don’t enjoy drinking. I do have an occasional vodka every now and then but I can never understand why people get drunk. so yeah lets toast to an evening that I will come to regret.

9. Cut someone hair
It's been a childhood dream. Lets see if i can find someone to help me fulfill this dream of mine. DONE

10. Buy a bookshelf
I have so any books that my mother pleaded with me to take get them out of her house. She needed the space for her antiques. Phew! So yes, I have cartons filled with books, cupboards filled with books, and a suitcase full of them. I desperately need a bookshelf to display my collection other than the virtual one i have. DONE

11. Have a fun girl-friends day out
I find girl friends absolutely annoying. There are just a few I love, the rest of you I tolerate. So if I ask you on this trip be honoured.

12. Go back to Europe
I really want to do this but I don’t know if I will be able to.

13. Meet friends from my childhood
Thank God for Facebook, this will be much easier. I do have a lot of people from school and college on my list. All I have to do is make that extra effort to go meet them in person. So buddies/girlfriends from Indian School, Muscat, St. Mary’s Convent High School and St. Xavier’s HSS and Goa College of Art, please take some time out to meet me.

14. Get a meow
A year and half back my Tommy Leanne D’souza went to Kitty heaven. Tommy was just not a cat, she was family. I miss her every single day. I love cats and I want to get another one, but I live in a city and that ain't a place for a cute little furball.

15. Start on my book
I’ve been writing to write this memoir. My grandmother had a very eventful life. A life span of 85 years across Africa, India, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

16. Make a baby
So they say you must have a baby before you turn 30 blah blah blah. I’ve never felt the need to pop one out earlier. While everyone goes gaga over them ‘drooling poopers’ I still have to find a reason to love them. This one is going to be the toughest. I am so not ready for this. So let’s see.

17. Start painting
Oils, water colours, pastels. There’s no greater satisfaction in life compared to the one I get when I paint. I wonder why i don’t paint more often? What could it be? No time on my hands? Guess, starting this year I am going to reclaim my life.

18. Social Media detox
Go one month without any of the social networks. For someone who needs to check my updates every few seconds this is going to be an uphill task.

19. Milk a cow
I dont know why I added this. By now that I did, it stays. Next time I go home to Goa and my village, I have to visit somebody who owns a cow. Thinking about it, it seems gross.

20. Make a YouTube film
Cheesy to the core. So much so that it guarantees hate comments and dislikes. Who knows it might just be the next big thing.

21. Get started on my Masters Degree
Need to get back to school. A major in Romanesque art. May be it could even take me back to Italy.

22. Pick up my passion for photography
I have the camera. Now it’s photo time. Note to self: Get that flickr stream running

23. Run a marathon
Not just any marathon but the Standard Charaterd Mumbai Marathon. I am up for it. Mumbai I am coming.

24. Go for a rock concert
It’s been almost 3 years, 4 months and counting that I have been to a rock concert. The Feb. of 2008 was when I made my way to catch Iron Maiden in Mumbai. Somebody, anybody please come down to India. I need to do this. My rock buddy Yateen, are you listening? We need to do this.

25. Drive down to Goa
I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip. Now that I have Chloe, my car, I think it’s time to put this plan into action. Boys - Bonnie, Lovell am looking at you.

26. Go without the junk
Live for a few months, at least three without carbonated drinks and junk food. This is going to be tough but I must do it. I need a system detox and I need it bad.

27. Give away my stuff
I have 36 pair of shoes, and this was the number when I took a count. So yes, I can use some new shoes. And the old ones I will simply give away. As for clothes, I would need a complete wardrobe change. There nothing in there except them black tees and blue denims.

28. Go on a trip with my bestest girlfriend
And her side-kick, her husband. Well they are super fun and I have not spent quality time with her after her husband dragged her away to another city. So here’s looking to catching up, on the road or on a holiday. Yea.

29. Learn Italian
Like really learn to speak it well. Over the past year I have been self-teaching myself. May be I would require a tutor or something, but this shit needs to get done. Si?

30. Be impulsive
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