Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Run with Colour

Papa used to be abroad and every time he came back home, I remember Papa bringing these boxes of colour pencils. Faber Castell that too. And if that’s not enough, imagine a 4 year old with a 48 colour pencil set. That’s where I could trace back my fascination with colour began.

Art is in my blood, though it skipped a generation on my mom’s side, others could tell or so they say that could see it always in me. While growing up I used to draw and send cards to Papa. (And you know what Papa had each and every single one of them – I came across this treasure one day while ransacking Papa’s drawer)

Ok the point here is I never realized colour would take over my life. I ran and ran away from it. You see I had an option of joining art school after class 10, but as I was trying to get away from colour I ran for another two years, till it finally caught up with me! The last 2 years of my run saw me, I got a running partner. Honestly I had no idea this wonderful person would change my life forever. You see I don’t know how it happened… may be it was influence, may be it was finally me realizing my true potential or may be I just got tired from running. You see I ran with this person simply cos I had nothing better to do other than studying science!

I tell you I had no clue when thanks to this person, i.e my running partner who later came to be my mentor & role model in every inch of the way. Thanks Miss. Lily, I bet the day I told you I am joining art college you flipped over, ha ha I know you though you were responsible for me changing my mind, but thanks to you., I realized I can run but I just can’t hide.

I am still running, but once in a while colour does catch up with me. Now I run not from colour but with colour and in the bargain experimenting with colourful words too.


  1. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Believe me Jo, it was all my pleasure. Specially now when I see you flying so high.
    Miss Lily

  2. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Very few people manage to express the memories of life in such a good way.Its really a great story.All the best Jo for ur future life with colors.
    Keep up the good postings Bhaai,
    Ur Chela

  3. Anonymous10:37 AM

    It is so nice that you can express your feelings in words. And your love for colors is not hidden when we see your artwork. Keep it up. All the best for colorful life.

  4. Anonymous6:05 PM

    I agree with the others Jo, very well expressed, almost like feeling what you feel!

    Being passionate about what you do is key to everyone's life I believe.

    - Ruth.

  5. Its always beautiful how you paint such abeautiful picture of moments in your life...
    The world of colors and shades would be equally glad to have you in it :-)
    Paint On Lady

  6. Hey,,,, Now with all the colors u r painting the world!!!

  7. DUH Jack ass?!?!?!
    and wot bout me?!?! dont i get a thank you ??! without me ur mud roads wud still look like trees!!!! :P


    bada bing bada bong!!!!

    i need sleep!!! :PPPPP

  8. hey guys all of you, thanks for the comments.
    And yes how cud i forget my bro without him, i guess my painted mud roads wud still look like trees!

    anyway a look out for a special post coming your way, peekachoo...

  9. isnt it funny...
    that all the anonymous ppl here have names!??! :P


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