Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Run with Colour

Papa used to be abroad and every time he came back home, I remember Papa bringing these boxes of colour pencils. Faber Castell that too. And if that’s not enough, imagine a 4 year old with a 48 colour pencil set. That’s where I could trace back my fascination with colour began.

Art is in my blood, though it skipped a generation on my mom’s side, others could tell or so they say that could see it always in me. While growing up I used to draw and send cards to Papa. (And you know what Papa had each and every single one of them – I came across this treasure one day while ransacking Papa’s drawer)

Ok the point here is I never realized colour would take over my life. I ran and ran away from it. You see I had an option of joining art school after class 10, but as I was trying to get away from colour I ran for another two years, till it finally caught up with me! The last 2 years of my run saw me, I got a running partner. Honestly I had no idea this wonderful person would change my life forever. You see I don’t know how it happened… may be it was influence, may be it was finally me realizing my true potential or may be I just got tired from running. You see I ran with this person simply cos I had nothing better to do other than studying science!

I tell you I had no clue when thanks to this person, i.e my running partner who later came to be my mentor & role model in every inch of the way. Thanks Miss. Lily, I bet the day I told you I am joining art college you flipped over, ha ha I know you though you were responsible for me changing my mind, but thanks to you., I realized I can run but I just can’t hide.

I am still running, but once in a while colour does catch up with me. Now I run not from colour but with colour and in the bargain experimenting with colourful words too.
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