Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Recapturing the MAGIC!

Feb 14, 2006, at the stroke of 12,
I turned into Cinderella with a phone in hand.

The wishes were many, sincere & true,
As I lay my head on my pillow my smile could tell a story to you.

Woke up thinking it would be just another day,
But what did you know; a colleague decided to make it special for us ladies that day!

The evening is a whole different story,
Some would say, “It defined my life that day.”

But as 4 guys, 4 girls walked into Jazz by the Bay that evening,
Surprise, surprise! We still walked away single that day!
But the fun, love, laughter would stay to warm our hearts always.

Some missed it, but most of all we missed having a friend with us that day.
Though the calls & SMS flowed,
Nothing could replace his absence on this special day.

Never had I realized the true meaning of Valentines Day.
It’s not about making out without your special one, heck you could do it any day!
But it’s about celebrating the love, making someone feel they are special and loved extra on that day.

You could do it for a friend, your parents or your partner.
Just let them know you care.

As this day again approaches…
It sees 4 girls, 5 guys walk into the Hard Rock Café,
Will they walk away single… this year again?

So here’s inviting these 4 girls & 5 guys
Let’s make this another special day.

We cannot recapture the moments,
But lets work our every own magic this Valentine’s Day.

So that some day, when we look back
We will have special memories to warm our hearts on a lone cold rainy day.

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  1. ooo...someone s gettin Nostalgic and all huh :-) Kewl post dear


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