Thursday, April 26, 2007

When everybody tries to play cupid!

See the thing is or should I say the universal undisputable fact is that no one I mean NO ONE can see you single!
No one believes you when you say that you are happy being single!

What follows are looks that decode as her/his life is so sad that they can’t even find a mate! Hence begins the intrusion in your life. Totally uncalled for and offered absolutely free of cost.

The guilty parties: Parents, aunties, far distant relatives you’ve not even heard of, colleagues, and even friends.

See I believe friends have a valid reason trying to hook you up. After all it helps being “even” in a group. Or whatever weird reason they try to sell to you. Hence my first “Case Study.”

Case Study 1: I thought you two would hit off!
Actually I met this dude before once. He was a mutual friend and the other dude thought what a better way to get my friends together.
Get together did we for coffee. Considering the fact that I was too polite to say no to a Million Dollar Chocolate Brownie which I drowned with water, and he never anticipated anyone being so nice as me.
It was an evening rigged to the core!
Till today I wonder how I could have been so cultured! Bet my Mama would be proud of me. Other than that, when we look back it brings great memories.
Sad for my friend his match making maiden venture dint take off!

Case Study 2: There’s this boy…
It all begins with those three deadly words. “There’s this boy, he’s doing excellently in life. Good job, has a home of his own. Why don’t you meet him?”
Next thing you know is that you’ve been tricked to seeing this moron!
This example runs rampant with all those relatives you so much want to kill.

Case Study 3: Right place, wrong time.
Why am I here? My friend told me to meet her here and now she’s running late. Phew! That bitch! You’re fuming sitting wondering how long you would have to wait.
Then the most fantastic specimen of the opposite sex materializes in front of you. (ok so I smile) A light bulb goes off – I’ve been duped!
Never mind at least the company is not bad. So just when the conversation picks up, the bitch turns up. Stupid reasons are offered. Like I don’t know I’ve been set up.

See these are just 3 reasons I could offer why you need to beware of all those harmless matchmakers, somebody please tell them its called “invasion of privacy!”

But who cares?

The saga continues…

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