Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Make Way for Jo

Make Way for Jo

Check of my travels through Europe.
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Monday, June 07, 2010

blank blank blank

i am so bored i am so bored so super bored my mind is spinning in boredom don't know what to do how to get away from this cyclonic storm that is pulling me under i try to read but i know that's not what i want to do i want to be out there explore new places simply get away from this crappy stuff i am so bored i want to paint i want to take out my frustrations doing something i love how did things get this way how did i let anything else but my passion stand in my way this is not me this has never been me i am lost i know what i want yet i am lost there's no one to help me but myself most of the days it's like simply following a pattern since when did i become one to follow something anything anyone i hate this i really hate it and with the rain coming down i think i will drown who is there to help me there were days when crazy was good freak was good now it's like watching from the shadows am i going through a mid 20s crisis after all i will be 28 soon what have i done with my life there's so much to do and so little time i don't want to do everything that everyone does i just don't want to do it can't you understand i hate it i detest it so much that it rips the insides of me every time i have to do it how much longer do i have to wait there's no option you say things will improve give it some time well i don't want to give it any time why should i what should i do instead just watch life pass me by well one of these days i am not going to wait much longer i am just going to do what i do best i am going to follow my heart and screw all of you i am going after my dream and there's no telling me what to do.
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