Wednesday, October 31, 2007

forgetting my way...

the below is to USMAN!
a dedication to the most forgetful person on this planet.
and also a good friend :)

now, get ready to take a journey into the mind of the usi-man!


actually i forget a lot of things...
but it aint my fault!
it's not the way i am
or it's not the way i want to be!
it's just life playing a cruel trick on me. :(

i don’t forget to cuss the alarm clock in the mornings.
though there are times when i forget to comb my hair.
but i don’t forget to grab a bite before leaving home.
nor do i forget to pick my lunch box.

what i do forget is to sometimes renew my train pass.
but that doesn’t stop me from forgetting not to swear in the crowded trains.
i forget to or pay heed to my family's advice of not hanging out of the trains.
and i forget the next hour as i am crushed amongst bodies, like them sardines in a can.

what i forget is to sometimes organise my day.
i forget to tell my team what lay ahead.
i forget i am the authority or lay down the rules.
i forget simply cos i don’t want to wanna hurt nobody, or is it that i forget to get mad.

what is it that i forget?
is it the birthdays and the anniversaries?
is it what i have to do?
is it where i am going?
is it what am i going to eat?
is it my way home?
what is it?
i just cant seem to remember!
oops... there goes me forgetting what i have to do again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Everybody wants to be a Cat

I so love this cartoon. '

and watching this, growing up, I so much wanted to be a cat. ;)

The Aristocats

Thursday, October 04, 2007

26 years of wedded bliss!

Ok how do people do it?
Forget about people how have my parents achieved this?

26 years of togetherness + courtship + neighbours from childhood = forever!

I for one can’t stand the same person after sometime. I need variety. Yup that’s me. I get bored easily. Very easily indeed. Ok may be not so easily.

Ok ok so how is this done?

My observations:
Go umm… hmmp… ok… even if you not listening.

To keep the kids happy, always blame it on the other parent.

Actually I do not know.

I have not managed to have a successful relationship ever! So taking advice from me, spells disaster.

Bye, I think I need to have a talk with my mom and coax my dad for the car maybe. Or an i-phone. If you are wondering… my dad, never says no to me. I am his little princess.

Now I hope that talk helps. I am a confused species. Blame it on the generation. There aint nothing wrong with me!

Oh yeah… & happy wedding anniversary Mama & Papa.

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