Saturday, January 20, 2007

Just a thought...

Sometimes we wonder why life has treated us this way,
But hey I wouldn’t want it going for me any other way!

Sometimes up & sometimes down,
It’s a free rollercoaster ride we all get on.

Remember the time when we first met?
I bet you didn’t know this, but was it my smile you first got at?

I’m shy, I’m soft-spoken,
I’m the little girl whose never gone old.

Did someone say shy, soft-spoken?
Are you ok dude? But that girl’s anything but gentle!

Sometimes it’s easier being this way,
It hides the pain and it’s much easier to break away.

Breakaway from the norms
Live life my way!

It’s not easy I tell you,
Cos you have your mom screaming at you even at 600 miles away.

But as we take at a shot at challenging society,
Life has other plans scripted out your way.

Whether it a career or independence,
You have to F&#$ing fight for yourself everyway.

I don’t mean to battle,
But taking life in strife is not easy
Many with agree with me
And this is all I have to say!
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