Thursday, February 01, 2007


Why do you always need a reason?
Why do you need to follow the crowd?
Why can’t we walk in circles?
Why do we have to sleep?
Why do we have to live by society rules?
Why were they made anyway?
Why does it make no sense?
Why do we always want things to be different?
Why can’t we be happy the way things are?
Why are we always looking for more?
Why are we never satisfied?
Why are living this way?
Why are do we have to wake every morning?
Why can’t we go on living the way we like?
Why are others such jerks?
Why do we have to learn all the alphabets?
Why does the ball bounce?
Why do cats scratch you sometimes?
Why are dogs dogs?
Why does Saint Peter stand by heaven’s gate?
Why is the sky blue?
Why do all the guys look hot after you in a relationship?
Why are kids so irritating?
Why do young boys think they are motorbikes?
Why didn’t Superman’s mom ever enlighten him on the true meaning of undies?
Why did Phantom wear such ghastly stuff anyway?
Why are Superheroes so over-rated?
Why we do live?
Why is marriage the next thing in a relationship?
Why does every fool run to Goa?
Why is sex such a taboo word?
Why does skin dry in winter?
Why are cold creams called cold when they are hardly ever cold?
Why are guys always running after hot girls?
Why can’t girls read maps?
Why can’t guys ever ever ask for directions?
Why does lying always seem to be a better option?
Why does Salman get into clothes half his size?
Why are guys such insensitive jerks?
Why are we always short of cash?
Why do others always want to matters of your life theirs?
Why do guys eye wander even when they with a beautiful chic?
Why are people sometimes so full of themselves?
Why is applying makeup such a tedious task?
Why can’t you put mascara on with your mouth closed?
Why is kissing such a hyped up activity?
Why is drinking such a big deal?
Why are there different rules for guys and girls?
Why do guys never understand 5 mins means 5 mins?
Why are there times suicide seems to be the only option?
Why can’t you swear before your mom?
Why am I writing this?
Why are you forced to read this?
Why do you even ask WHY?

1 comment:

  1. Why why would you ask so many questions....
    why would you be so confused....
    Why ...why.... why....

    I was soo confused..but then it dawned on me....

    P.S. Who in your office had Muli ke Parathey


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