Thursday, November 15, 2007

happy the childrens the day

yah rite... children we are!
and will always be

if u don’t kno whos who in my masterpiece well -- this is MY GANG!
L-R: Pankaz, shanky, Appy, Bonnie, me with my pink shoes, ankur, mallika, sandy & Sharon.

check out pankaz -- trying to grab onto appy'a hand LOL!
shanky -- dakhan! wot does appy call him? flirtilisor? always on the phone... moron!
appy -- well she has the best bags around and the maine :)
bonnie -- yah super big time jerk! always after my happiness.
me -- me & my pink shoes (super cool no?)
ankur -- khooni haati, moron. cant find anythin better in life to do than irritate me!
mallika -- what can i say... i forgot to draw the ring ;)
sandy -- bhai! the quietest one in the gang.
sharon -- he he ha ha

so that's us!
kids who sometimes pretend to be grown-up.
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