Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An Ode to Gaurang

This ode was just too good to let resting pinned up on a wall.
This one’s by Tan, on our 1st Wedding Anniversary…

An Ode to Gaurang
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day.
The sweet spring breeze, the monsoon rain,
But Alas,
Though are more glorious than the comparison convey,
And the sweet spring breeze only lingers for a while.
The rain showers us not with the gifts that you do,
The seasons fade but your love is true.
For no bolt of thunder is as the jolt of laughter,
That makes me wonder of the before and after.
Before this life of wedded bliss,
Was an empty nest that thou miss.
For with great confidence I do reckon,
That no other husband doth beckon,
He’s only two wives to step not the doors
And seek out other paramours.
One with the speech of a far away place,
And both far too annoying to face.
For something there is that doesn’t love a wife,
But this is not you for you have pledged your life.
You have brought us joy, you have warmed our hearts.
Dear husband, dear Gaurang,
We thee shall never be apart.
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