Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting the FORMULA right

So the prancing did what they had set out to do in a real long time. Though I missed watching the race, I did phone a friend and get the results. Thank God for small miracles.

Of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure, that I am a Ferrari fan.

My brother gifted me a 50 year special edition Ferrari book and,
now my friend, the crosswords guy even bought me the 60 year Ferrari edition on Top Gear magazine.

Yeah and the fact that I got a F1 scaled down car from a best friend. And it’s not a Ferrari! That’s a gift only a best friend would ever think of getting you.

A Renault! The team who last year kicked Ferrari’s ass. Autographed by Alonso that too!
Ok so ok. I loved the gift anyway… Thanks Ankur, love you for this.

And guess what, I was even quoted in the BUZZ, a supplement of the Times of India, my quote as follows...

A case in point is 23-year-old media professional, Jolene D'Souza. "My brother used to follow F1 religiously, and I had no choice but to watch whatever channel he was watching," she says, in between stealing glimpses of the race. "A few races later, I was hooked. The excitement of who's going to win, the speed and skill interest me," says the Schumacher supporter who's dragged her friends along to watch the race at the Sports Bar in Colaba. "It is so much fun to watch the race at a pub, with friends—the excitement is palpable and you can scream like mad," she says, pointing to the wild crowd.

All said and done, its time Ferrari proved their supremacy.
And the prancing horse gallops to glory!

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