Saturday, October 25, 2008


finally i can say i coined words that may be one day you and your kids will use.
i think i should get a noble prize for my contributions or a pulitzer prize, but for now just a thumbs up will do :)

Boobie Buttons

Bust Rip

click on the word to know its meaning. I dare u!

umrican &%$#shite!

i am not a fan of politics
definitely not American or "umrican" politics
and i care a damn who wins!
but still i cannot ignore this piece of art!

Obama '08 - Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

its been a long time...

but m back!

its just that i dream a lot these days
and i am doodling more

but i've just got back from home
and having been pampered like hell
want nothing more to do

plus the tides are changing

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Not Your Typical Girl!

by Tan

She’d hook herself up to a ketchup IV
And drown in a deep pink sea
She’s the girl that chases helpless kittens
On a shocking pink Harley

She’s drafted a self-help suicide book
And tattooed her ex-husband’s chest
And when it comes to slaying little pet pigs
She toots her mommy as being the best

She hides from some CS stalker freaks
And is an adoptive mother to some
She speeds away on Monday nights
To keep her date with the NUN

She can name every single Aristocat
In her sleep or a drunken state
She has a penchant for doing Wall-E’s voice
For the drama it always creates

You better accept the food she offers
And her unborn children as well
Don’t you dare rearrange the shit on her comp
Or there’s going to be a whole lot of hell

She won’t touch anything green on her plate
And hates Sunsilk, Bournvita and Twirl
She’s a woman of wonder, a lady unrivalled…
She’s not your typical girl!

sniff... sniff...
thanks tan
that was simply awesome

who all of you who don't know who the hell tan is.
well she's this psycho-but-i-am-perfectly-normal girl who drives me crazy and provides much needed entertain with her everyday acts to the entire copy team.
other than that she is a brilliant writer and an even better friend.
oh did i tell you that this is the same chick i traveled around europe with :)
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