Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Speculative analysis compiled by a highly delusional but very dear friend, I just couldn’t resist sharing this with all of you.

Well to give you a gist of things, we were chatting and for a change I told this friend… oops best friend to focus somewhere else… but alas… you know how highly irresistible I am!
You can’t live with me, you can’t live without me.

So here it goes according to this crazed discoverer.
“My favourite Discovery r u mad ... I intend wining the Nobel Prize for discovering u someday”

The Species: the Jolenapotamus!

The thesis:
• It’s a very complicated being.
• Found deep in the Savanas.... this creature sneaked its way into civilization by hitching a ride on a ship from Portugal in the cargo.
• Has the ability to retract its tail and claws.... the Jolenapotamus can gobble beef and pork at the speed of light...
• Only repellant known till date is Vanilla ice cream.
• Can change skin color from Black to Pink.
But rumors say that once every full moon she also can change skin color to blues and yellows.
• Mating Rituals still unknown.
• Ancient folklore mention about a brave warriors being sacrificed to this being every 100 years
...and the story goes on.


  1. I've just got 2 words for ya
    - ROYALTY DUE!!!!

  2. It is really good!!! I like the species name: "JOLENAPOTAMUS"..hahaha..Rocking! Thesis is also as good as a sci-fi doc.

  3. ::::::::Xclusive:::::::::

    "Storyline of my nxt movie has been stolen." Steven Spielberg
    Source: Reuters

  4. thats so true....


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