Monday, June 25, 2007

My walk in the rain…

Pitter patter comes down the rain.
I splash about in fun avoiding the drains.
The water gushes, raindrops pelt against me
Yet amid all this I am smiling for reasons known only to me.

It’s the start of the monsoons,
A season I look forward to.
The cool winds, the mighty drops
That helps somehow drown the tears within.

There’s nothing to lose
Everything to gain
And as I turn my face towards the rain
I see a young woman being a child again.

Fighting the rain across me walks a young dad with his child in tow
And that brought back memories of long before
Mama screaming not to get wet
But as a child filling up my gumboots with water was all I cared.

No matter the weather,
No fear of the streams running through.
Finding a path for the paper boats we made
And winning the race was all that we as kids cared so true.

Come to think of it.
There began life’s first lesson.
Me and my paper boat
And the message to swim against all odds.

So as everyone battles the rains,
Some cuss
And some smile in vain…
But I tell you my friend
There’s nothing better
Nothing more refreshing
Than a simple walk in the rain.
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