Friday, February 15, 2008

red it was!

let me tell you a story of this girl i know.

ok one thing was sure, so she tells me was that she was so not expecting this.
yah i do know that she has always been vocal about the things she wants.
i mean, god damnit, she does make it a point to tell anyone who asks what she wants, exactly what she wants.
so when she actually got what she wanted, man so she tells me... it was a whole different story.

so let me tell you how it went...

the build up to this day -- yeah! Duh, valentine's day... i am not a fan of that moron flying around in his chuds, but ok sometimes a girl's got to do, what a girl's got to do!

So there she was bugging her best friends, guys, mind you! to well, get her a diamond ring... sigh! and yeah she did ask another best friend (in her best friend list numbered umm... 1?!) to well get her a bunch of 25 roses. i know it sounds stupid & cliched, but yes this girl always wanted a bunch of roses from a guy.

now picture this.
there she is out for dinner with her best friend and there on the table sits this absolutely amazing and fabulous bunch of flowers, which she so ignored cause they dint have her name on them! damn!
and then this best friends no. 1 says they are for her...
which i know she dint hear cause at that point of time she was doing like a 100 different things... texting someone, arranging the cutlery on the table, dumping her bag, arranging her jacket and also mentally running for President!
so in her defense i say she din't hear best friend no. 1 announce the fact that the bunch of roses were for her.
till he had to scream the fact!

i swear she had an oprah moment! OMG! this was absolutely fabulous!!!
she was shocked, beyond shocked! amazed more likely that someone actually got her something she always dreamed about.
ok so to others it might have appeared that this girl was not that blown away, but trust me this girl stole secret glances at them roses and had to do all that was possible on not having this stupid grin plastered over her face :)

now i do know this girl is so damn impulsive and acts 99.9% without thinking. so guess what this girl does? she damn right takes the bouquet and starts counting the number of roses, much to the horror of best friend no. 1!
i think the girl should be forgiven for this action, cause i know how much she dint mean to. it was more out of shock that led this girl to act like well.... her?

anyway what's even more amazing is that she gets an even special gift.
wrapped in this crunched paper, resting in this bag is -- a sexy red top from Mango!
trust me this girl would have never ever picked such an item from the racks.
and guess what she looked amazing in it!
so much so that she could not believe that the pretty lady in red was her.

i know she was all ga-ga over this. she has told me this story at least a million times today. damn i had to listen every time! what to do? i am the twin that never was.
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