Thursday, May 10, 2007

And LOVE is…

Saying I Love you?

Ok let’s get this straight.
Love is all that one needs yet no one seems to ever get it. Its nature’s sick way of tricking people to… umm reproduce themselves indefinitely mostly for pleasure. And as if by doing so you are going to spread the love? Sex is great, but is it love?

Love also categories itself as a killer method to waste time, money and energy! Mostly yours.

Love is known to f%$# you royally! My bet don’t bother f%$#ing with it. (Physically or like-wise)

Love… lust? Is there a difference?
Just do one thing avoid Love at all cost, not because it simply sucks (stop thinking laterally), it just sucks period!
It jeopardizes all plans of sanity and ends up with you making an ass of yourself!

What’s worse… Love finds you watching soppy love movies, eating ice-cream and spending valuable time day dreaming.
Basically love causes you to fantasize with rather no result.

Ok so what’s my point?
Love; you can’t live with it nor can you live with it.


  1. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Sex V/S Love... Sex...anyday!

  2. agree!!

    par yeh dil hain ke maantaa nahin!!


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