Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An Ode to Gaurang

This ode was just too good to let resting pinned up on a wall.
This one’s by Tan, on our 1st Wedding Anniversary…

An Ode to Gaurang
Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day.
The sweet spring breeze, the monsoon rain,
But Alas,
Though are more glorious than the comparison convey,
And the sweet spring breeze only lingers for a while.
The rain showers us not with the gifts that you do,
The seasons fade but your love is true.
For no bolt of thunder is as the jolt of laughter,
That makes me wonder of the before and after.
Before this life of wedded bliss,
Was an empty nest that thou miss.
For with great confidence I do reckon,
That no other husband doth beckon,
He’s only two wives to step not the doors
And seek out other paramours.
One with the speech of a far away place,
And both far too annoying to face.
For something there is that doesn’t love a wife,
But this is not you for you have pledged your life.
You have brought us joy, you have warmed our hearts.
Dear husband, dear Gaurang,
We thee shall never be apart.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Getting the FORMULA right

So the prancing did what they had set out to do in a real long time. Though I missed watching the race, I did phone a friend and get the results. Thank God for small miracles.

Of course it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure, that I am a Ferrari fan.

My brother gifted me a 50 year special edition Ferrari book and,
now my friend, the crosswords guy even bought me the 60 year Ferrari edition on Top Gear magazine.

Yeah and the fact that I got a F1 scaled down car from a best friend. And it’s not a Ferrari! That’s a gift only a best friend would ever think of getting you.

A Renault! The team who last year kicked Ferrari’s ass. Autographed by Alonso that too!
Ok so ok. I loved the gift anyway… Thanks Ankur, love you for this.

And guess what, I was even quoted in the BUZZ, a supplement of the Times of India, my quote as follows...

A case in point is 23-year-old media professional, Jolene D'Souza. "My brother used to follow F1 religiously, and I had no choice but to watch whatever channel he was watching," she says, in between stealing glimpses of the race. "A few races later, I was hooked. The excitement of who's going to win, the speed and skill interest me," says the Schumacher supporter who's dragged her friends along to watch the race at the Sports Bar in Colaba. "It is so much fun to watch the race at a pub, with friends—the excitement is palpable and you can scream like mad," she says, pointing to the wild crowd.

All said and done, its time Ferrari proved their supremacy.
And the prancing horse gallops to glory!


We are a confused generation
Caste, Creed, Colour!
You might be in denial but it still exists, you dumb f*%$!
Who are you kidding?

You don’t care about caste, creed or colour?
Yah right… I just got a sentence for you – Stop lying to yourself!

The fact of the matter is no matter how high we climb in life, no matter how radical our thinking might be, it comes down to the f&%$ing basics -- Caste, Creed, Colour.

What you crying about??
Yah it was your f&%#ing mistake to be born into a lower caste than me.
It is your cross to carry and deal with it!
So you think climbing the corporate ladder and bags full of money will wipe out the fact? Don’t fool yourself.

It’s a fact… the sooner you accept it, the better it is for your and society!
Yeah society! We are supposed to living in a cultured developed environment.
But should you mingle with someone from a lower caste.
You are an outcast!!!

Shame on you… You dirty freak!
What will people say?
Think think what will people say?
And suddenly your happiness is more important than some godforsaken retard!

Ok who was it that told me – All God’s are One!
I suggest you go get your head checked.
We live in a society where there are Hindus, Catholics, Muslims, etc.
Yeah yeah all is fine, we co-exist.
But should someone want to breach the gap… then its World War IV waiting to happen.
No one wants to accept the fact that may be they could more than exist.

It's reality my friend.
The sooner you accept it the better it is for you and me,
Or so I was told!

May be you are right!
It’s another rule society has placed on us.
Cross the line and we will cast you as an outcast.
So my friend, you better join the crowds.

It's better this way… right?
Good to see you agreeing with me.

And then there is Colour
I was born fair, wheatish. Thank goodness!
There was celebration at birth, at least my colour, if nothing else will bring me good marriage prospects.
Ok am 25 and still single. So much for being fair.

In this light skin crazed country, do you know the number of the population subjected to the torture of fairness creams and ayurvedic remedies.
Self-inflicted or by force, you can run from it but you can’t hide.

But society wants light skinned people.
So how come no one told them to take a hike to America.
We are a nation of brown people and let’s live with it.

Duh man. Get a life!
Or if you can’t get a life… stop cribbing and pick the damn fairness cream.

Yeah I am rude, and I don’t care!
Everyone needs a rude awakening once in a while.

So remember – Caste, Creed, Colour…
In any order it still exists.
It’s a sad REALITY!

P.S. Let us pause for a minute for this extremely sad cause.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


I am grinning ear to ear writing this.

It’s because in a long time I am feeling really happy! Happy Happy Happy.

Ok ok I confess! I got PINK canvas shoes. Yes and they are pink. And they are so cool!

And it’s a gift from a real good friend. My birthday gift!
May be it was not on the list. But who cares!

I love shoes!
And I love Pink shoes!!

See the thing is I went shopping with my friend Pankaj, we both live away from our home and there’s no one waiting for us with hot home food or anything. So time spent with a friend is time spent well, rather than going back to a place you have to share with strangers.

So, we went shopping at my favourite store “Westside” and there I see it… Shoes!

That too in my favourite colour, and how could I just not own them.

I bought them but when I got to the counter my friend looking at the excitement on my face says let me make this a gift from me.

Umm OK! But seriously OMG!!! The shoes are so perfect. And the fact that it was a gift from my friend makes it even more perfect.

Hey I know am babbling but I just can’t contain my excitement.

I know a lot of people will hate Pankaj for gifting me the “pink” shoes but I love them.

Thanks a ton buddy!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Hey now I don't need to tell you that, that's ME!
And my friend who is the best illustrator I have ever come across has captured me in my true self.

oh yes! And the illustrator in question is Sameer.
Check out his cool work. (he is linked on my blog)
So get there and check out this cool dude!

The Bhai by ~coolkarnisam on deviantART

Saturday, August 11, 2007

12 days on a holiday! --- Days 2 to 6:

check out my photo blog.

click on image to see what I have been up to. :)

goa this august

12 days on a holiday! --- Day 1:

So I am home. It’s different this time on. Why because for the first time in all my 25 years my brother’s not at home. No one to ignore me, no one to steal kisses from me, no one to irritate me, no one to call me by silly names, no one to run to in case of technical issues… my brother is just not there!

Where did he go, you ask? H re-located as his job demanded so. I understand because I did the same for my career, but its just lonely being the only child at home.

Getting home was not tough. How difficult could it be? I love traveling, especially in the monsoons. So the facts that I had to travel by train dint bother me a bit. Ok I had everyone worried. The day I was to leave the rain gods decided to unleash their blessings. But it’s the rainy reason!

Anyway, my train journey was not that great. I read Harry Potter & the Deathy Hallows, listened to music and dozed off to sleep. Morning, I stood watching the scenes pass me by. The simplicity of life, gripped me. Shepard’s watching their flock, children running to keep up with a speeding train waving at you, women with pots on their head coyly simple at you, while some wash clothes by the stream, the green fields, the simple houses... everything was so so… WOW! For once I felt at peace with myself. Sigh.

(Hey check some of the pictures I clicked)

My dad was there to pick me. And even gave the car keys to me to drive home. Now that’s something I love --- Driving! I find it extremely relaxing! 20 minutes and I was home… into the opens arms of my mom. Bet my family was happy to see me and same here! It’s been so long. Even my cat was glad to see me.

What I intend to do at home?

Sleep, relax, help around at home, watch TV, spend quality time with my cat, experience what’s it to be an only child, eat chocolates, sit by the beach and get a PhD in doing nothing!

That’s it for today!

Its friendship day tomorrow and my friends have already started pouring in their greetings.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

50 Good Girl Commandments

The 50 Good Girl Commandments, or ‘GG-ologue’, are a list of religious and moral imperatives which, are written by ‘greycellsinxs’ and her aid ‘the dark side of the loon.’

Blessed by the Holy One on Mount Moron, these not two but five stone tablets, hold the unspoken truth that about every girls dilemma!

The phrase "50 Good Girl Commandments" generally refers to suppression of the feminine mind. Brain washed, would be more apt, that too done most likely by a family member or society at large.

Here they are as the thought struck…

1. Thou shall honour the wishes of your parents.
2. Thou shall always be home by 7.
3. Thou shall not wear skirts above the knees.
4. Thou shall work towards world peace.
5. Thou shall not display cleavage.
6. Thou shall always cover your head when you go out.
7. Thou shall not have sex before marriage.
8. Thou shall not mouth swear words.
9. Thou shall have only girlfriends.
10. Thou shall not steal covert looks at hot guys.
11. Thou shall only listen to spiritual music.
12. Thou shall not read thrash! (Mills & Boons, Harlequin Romance, etc)
13. Thou shall only watch PG rated programmes.
14. Thou shall not listen to hip hop, rap.
15. Thou shall not adorn thy room with rockstar posters!
16. Thou shall only eat health food.
17. Thou shall not bad mouth others.
18. Thou shall always be eager to please.
19. Thou shall not flirt.
20. Thou shall not watch porn.
21. Thou shall only work towards the betterment of the society.
22. Thou shall not engage in activities such as kissing.
23. Thou shall always help others in need.
24. Thou shall not aspire to be a wanna-be.
25. Thou shall rescue strays.
26. Thou shall not pierce your nipples.
27. Thou shall not adorn thy body with tattoos.
28. Thou shall not smoke.
29. Thou shall not fantasize.
30. Thou shall stay away from alcohol.
31. Thou shall not fall in love with your best guy friend.
32. Thou shall not bunk lectures/work.
33. Thou shall not wear red lipstick.
34. Thou shall believe in fairy tales.
35. Thou shall dream of Prince Charming, white horse et all.
36. Thou shall not overtake while driving.
37. Thou shall indulge in hobbies such as art and gardening.
38. Thou shall not sport short hair.
39. Thou shall not wear sexy high heeled shoes.
40. Thou shall not do it doggy style.
41. Thou shall not swallow.
42. Thou shall emulate a nun.
43. Thou shall not go skinny dipping.
44. Thou shall not get a Brazilian wax.
45. Thou shall only dream of a white marriage.
46. Thou shall stay away from bad boys.
47. Thou shall always feel guilty after sex.
48. Thou shall never masturbate.
49. Thou shall not wear sexy lingerie.
50. Thou shall never go commando.

So remember, all said and done RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN!
Live life, it’s short, it’s fun and it’s worth the risk.

But while you are at it…
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