Thursday, August 20, 2009


I’ve not solved the problem that’s the problem
- G3

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

another day

Zzz. Beep! Snooze. Damn. Hurry. Motion. Repeat. Stop. Play. Think. Forward. Pause. F&%$. Ouch. Blur. Stop. Caffeine. Play. Shut. Refill. Wash. Plonk. Zzz.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

sayin it the way it is

Are you from the f@%#ing advertising industry?
You bet f@%#ing I am!
Now is that f@%#ing good, or is that f@%#ing bad?
What am I supposed to f@%#ing make of it?!
Who f@%#ing cares anyway?

F@%#ing rule number 1:
Your success in advertising will depend on the f@%#ing number of times you can use the word f@%# without having the next person react to it!

Now what is f@%#?
Urban dictionary defines it as. (f@%# Oxford or Webster’s!)
1. The universally recognized "F word"
2. N. Implying complete and utter confusion
3. N. a really stupid person
4. V. To procreate
5. adj. Can be used to modify any word for more passion
6. Int. Expresses disgust
7. Int. Expresses complete surprise and joy
8. adv. Can be used to make a command more urgent

Make a note this people. F@%# is the only word in the English language that can form a grammatically complete, stand alone sentence.
In your face F@%#ers

Or like how… I would normally say it DUMBF@%#s! (rolling my eyes)
Of late I’ve been:
filing my nails every 4 hours,
making faces at the computer,
staring at the black ball in front of me,
ogling at the ugly guy for no good a reason,
e-stalking people (some who I don’t even know),
typing then retyping the same thing over again,
spinning my wedding ring,
having the sudden urge to fight global warming,
scratching the lamp post,
making a death wish,
making a list of all the people (in my case clients) I would like kill,
uttering curses and profanities at the clock,
realizing facebook is so superficial,
wondering why people sitting next to each other tweet instead of talking,
stare at my phone wishing it would ring,
hating my phone when it rings,
wondering what Suri is up to today,
contemplating what’s in store on gofugyourself today,
starting things and not completing them,
infected with boredom!

Friday, August 07, 2009

artwork by my husband

Who is left?

First he went
Then you got married and left
You left for further studies
Then you left too
And you left just because you felt like it
Then I left
Then you followed me
Oh he also left
I knew you would leave
When did she leave
What’s happening dude, why is everyone leaving
Oh you are leaving too
When is your last day
I feel like leaving, but where do I go
Everyone is leaving, I need to get out!
I don’t know why everyone is leaving
I want to leave
So that brings me back to…
Who is left?

Monday, August 03, 2009

Pure evil thoughts

Baby pigeon with a note:
"I am too dumb to figure out that I am a bird. I could fly!"

(evil laugh! evil evil laugh)
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