Monday, May 21, 2007

STICK to the LIST!

Ok people I am having a mid-20s crisis!

Here’s what the doc prescribed…

25 must haves; I must have on my 25th birthday!!!

1. Calvin & Hobbes Comic Book series.
(have read The Days are Just Packed!)

2. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows.

3. Black t-shirts from Westside. Size M-12

4. Pink t-shirts from Westside. Size M-12.
(stay away from the plunging neckline, no matter how enticing they look)

5. A pair of Levi’s.
Size 30. Boot cut. Low-rise. Most importantly blue!

6. Junk jewellery.
Just see that there are trinkets of pink!

7. Lifetime membership at PVR.

8. I-phone!
(need I say more?)

9. Books by some Indian Authors.
Kavita Daswani, Anurag Joshi, Kiran Desai, Rupa Gulab and the likes.
Please ask before buying as have read most of them, but still if there’s a new book pick it!

10. Skirts.
A-line. Colourful and keep them short!

11. More books - Hell Island by Matthew Reilly

12. More More books - Area 7 by Matthew Reilly

13. Even more books - Hover Car Racer by Matthew Reilly

14. Life in a METRO… the DVD.
Loved this movie!

15. A pair of Adidas shoes

16. Holiday to the Andaman’s

17. A trip to London, Paris…

18. A bouquet of red roses
at least 25 of them.

19. Tickets to a F1 grand prix!

20. First class tickets to a cricket match. South Africa vs whoever! In Mumbai!

21. Nokia N 95

22. An iPOD

23. Pink by Aerosmith!

24. Sponsor a tattoo session.

25. A diamond ring!!!

P.S.: Guys please co-ordinate with each other whose getting me what, don’t want 2 of the same things.

NOTE: this list is the sole property and copyright of greycellsinxs. Any one found to be duplicating the same shall be SLAPPED with a legal notice of infringement!

Ok the IMPORTANT thing here is get all the stuff by the 28th of JUNE 2007.


Friday, May 11, 2007

Life in a METRO

It’s a battle of survival
From the beggar child who knocks at your window to the CEO of an MNC; everyone fends only for themselves. I do too.

Even the shortest journey’s the longest
Yeah believe it I could go from the north to the south by a vehicle in 2 hours flat! But a simple 54 kms journey will take you no less than 1 1/2 hour and that too by train.

It’s a battle against time
No one’s got the time. The word here is ‘Jaldi’ or just stand out of my way should I push you reaching my deadline.

A culture clash
There are people from walks of life! It’s India in a capsule. Amazing but true.

Love blossoms around every corner
It’s amazing but true. Look around you see couples blissfully unaware. No matter what society implies, loves got to do what love has got to do. How else you tell me?

The work never ends
Call it corporization or wanting to make money, at the end of the day everyone’s underpaid.

Home is where the work is
For all those who come to the metro, work becomes home. It’s here that you find the most comfort. Going back to your dwelling place is a pain.

Weekends are party-time
No matter what you do, the weekends are known to be stress busters. Party all night! Shaking that booty is all that matters!

The movies are where the action is
We are talking about action on screen. Not like-wise. No doubt the multiplexes rip you off but it offers some solace for a few hours and catch the latest of them blockbusters.

Public transport is the only way to get around
Come on face it! We all would like to be driven around in private cars, but everyone’s a struggler in the big city. Public transport is a blessing in disguise.

It’s the best place to be
No matter what people say! No mater the cursing! No matter the pollution!
The blur of people, the blur of life… here’s where everyone wants to be!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

And LOVE is…

Saying I Love you?

Ok let’s get this straight.
Love is all that one needs yet no one seems to ever get it. Its nature’s sick way of tricking people to… umm reproduce themselves indefinitely mostly for pleasure. And as if by doing so you are going to spread the love? Sex is great, but is it love?

Love also categories itself as a killer method to waste time, money and energy! Mostly yours.

Love is known to f%$# you royally! My bet don’t bother f%$#ing with it. (Physically or like-wise)

Love… lust? Is there a difference?
Just do one thing avoid Love at all cost, not because it simply sucks (stop thinking laterally), it just sucks period!
It jeopardizes all plans of sanity and ends up with you making an ass of yourself!

What’s worse… Love finds you watching soppy love movies, eating ice-cream and spending valuable time day dreaming.
Basically love causes you to fantasize with rather no result.

Ok so what’s my point?
Love; you can’t live with it nor can you live with it.
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