Friday, October 27, 2006

Pulling You Under

Hi this is me,
and there’s no one else I’d rather be.

Over and again we strive to break free!
The things we do,
the things we say,
the things we wear.
But just what exactly do we do to dare?

Am I a person who dares to be different?
Or am I another faceless face in the crowd.
While the former might hold true,
there are some of my buddy’s out there
who’ll agree to anything but the truth.

But then again should I care?
We all strive to be different.
How far are we willing to go in this pursuit of endless identity crisis?

I wonder…
Will sporting a tattoo make me different?
Will a piercing do it for me?
Will being a biker set me apart?
Will bungee jumping give me the ‘it’ factor?
What is it that I can do that will help me be different?

Amidst college and the struggles of everyday life
Lies the struggle of everyday life
The day I seek to find who I am Who will I be?
Where am going?
N where I’d rather be?
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