Friday, October 27, 2006

Spiraling out of control…

The irritation is spinning out of hand.
I don’t know why.
But then again I do know why
& there’s nothing I can do about it.

It rains. It stops.
Some like the rain.
I like it too but it gets dirty.

M so irritated.
I’ll tell u the reason.
Promise you won’t tell anyone.
Ha! Got you there.
You think I am stupid?
This is a community portal open to all
& what makes you think
I will let the stupid cat out of the bag?

Think people think!
There’s a lot but what can I do?
Just what can I do?

It’s a lonely world out there…
full of dark strangers & people you think you know…
That’s what irritating rite is?

No! I just hate eating too… yeah nice joke!
Me & not eat – that’s what majority of the people think!
But it’s the sickest thing to do... Eat!

Anyway what’s so irritating?
Love songs, man they suck!
Which bunch of hopeless losers writes these songs anyway!

What else is irritating?
People spiting, people ogling, bunch of freaking perverts.
Hate those morons anyway!
It’s such a biased world out there.

It’s so irritating…
It’s so irritating…
It’s so irritating!
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