Friday, December 08, 2006

God Save the ‘Pink’

I hate pink! Ok that was me like, 2 years back. Indeed I would have nothing on this planet that would have actually associated me with that ghastly colour! It was after all, like all would say “such a GIRLY colour!”

And that made me no different. But what’s with the colour anyway? At the end of the way it’s just a freaking colour!

But no! people still hate the sacred colour. I don’t find it girly per se. But I sure wouldn’t like to see a guy in baby pink, though there are a lot of tones that actually make a guy look good. Ok the question I get repeatedly asked when I try to argue this point, “would you like to see your boyfriend in pink?” or better still, “would you gift him a pink shirt?”

The answer, well why not? I have seen first hand how good a particular tone of pink looks on… well you could say my guy. It’s a different ball game & mind you it doesn’t make him anything less of a man.

I never realized when ‘pink’ conquered my life. Literally conquered! Today I swear the colour has taken over. My wardrobe is a classic example. I have a pink pen, pink slippers, pink bag, and still when I go shopping I feel I don’t have that shade in pink!

So what is it about the colour? I don’t know! And I don’t want to know, why should I kill the fun just dissecting the colour.

Pink is cool!

Pink is happening!

Pink is Yo!

Pink is me!

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