Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What you can do to make my Christmas perfect :)

Ok Guys I know it’s along way still to Christmas but yes I would like to give all of you ample of opportunity to do your shopping. It’s Christmas after all!

As much I hate the holiday season, as there goes one more year you have to be happy yet lonely. So come again, that happy season, where all you guys can make a difference in my life. Forget causes like a million candles! Ask yourself do you really want to add to the pollution levels. Support a cause; bring a smile on a young girl’s face. (and if you are wondering who, that’s me!) Now get to the list…

For the 12 days of Christmas, I would love…
An iPOD Nano in a colour no less than the sacred ‘pink’
A pair of BLUE Levi’s size 28 low-rise jeans (it has to be blue, no fancy stuff!)
A pair of Adidas shoes
A ticket to all nite partying
A sponsored experience to Para-gliding
The book ‘Shantaram’
A trip to Andaman Islands
A huge box of ‘Galaxy’ milk chocolates
A dinner for two & a sexy dude too ;)
Go bungee jumping
Go biking cross country
A new digital camera

So there you have it! And you thought you didn’t know what to get me! See I live to make lives easier. After all, if there’s anything I can do to help you please do tell.

And guys, please see all gifts reach my home that is Goa, as will be home for the holidays. Or you can give it to me personally, before I leave. For all those across continents, I bet you all of heard of FedEX?

Happy Shopping!
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