Saturday, October 28, 2006

Feeling LIFE!

Feeling Blue
Feeling Blue
Feeling Blue
My heart says can’t be true
Can’t be… can’t be true!
I just don’t know what to do.
I am feeling feeling blue!

Feeling Yellow
Feeling Yellow
Feeling Yellow
Why am I feeling so mellow & shallow?
I am such a jackass in a hollow
I am feeling feeling yellow!

Feeling Green
Feeling Green
Feeling Green
Why am I so so so mean?
What did I do?
Is it conditioning that got me so thin?
I am feeling feeling green!

Feeling Red
Feeling Red
Feeling Red
Is it my heart that just bled?
How did it get just so so bad?
I am feeling feeling red!

Feeling Black
Feeling Black
Feeling Black
It’s everything I lack
How did I
I am feeling feeling black!

Feeling feeling
You got to feel
And experiment within,
Hurt and get hurt
Learn and unlearn
Be or not to be
It’s the learnings that you get absolutely free!
It’s the strokes we paint
The hues we use
The tones we dabble with
that’s ultimately make this masterpiece called LIFE!

Feeling blue,
feeling yellow,
feeling red,
feeling green,
feeling black,
feeling feeling LIFE!
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