Saturday, December 30, 2006

Over the rainbow

There comes a time when we all want to hate this person or object as much as it hurt us. Right?
After all wasn’t that how we were conditioned?
You bang a table and the poor piece of furniture becomes bad bad table!
We fall down taking our first steps and it’s a bad floor!
But blame the world… the circumstances… the person.

Come on people, as we grow, we fall.
Knock ourselves over, but it this learning process of life that helps us get over.
There are times when we hurt so bad!
It’s like a sword going through, “It was no fault of my own,” we cry,
Yet the other person felt right to put us through.

So what do you do?
Just what do you do?
Turn to God?
Pray that the Saviour will help you!
Or turn to a friend?
Angel in disguise who’ll do everything by just hearing you through!

Life is tough.
You love. You fail.
Through the darkness sometimes you win.
But most of the time you just go down the drain...

This is not about hating things or people.
It’s about learning to walk again.
Sometimes we wish to inflict pain,
But think again just what will you gain.

When happiness is grabbed from right between your eyes,
believe me, its not easy mate.
But listen to your heart,
it will never tell you to hate!

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