Monday, October 30, 2006

Bowled Over

He walked in and in an instant she was bowled over!
What was there in him?
I don’t know!

But there was something or so she says,
That had her over.
Was it the look in his eyes?
Was it the touch of his hands?
Was it the way he carried himself?
Or was it the manner in which he spoke?

What was it?
I will never know!

But there was this thing.
I could tell even then that would change things would change between them.
It was there for all to see.
Except blame those two, blind in love; they couldn’t see!

It was hilarious to watch them two cover things up!
Deny! Make up crazy stories!
But it was there for the world to see.

How do I know?
Told you I was watching from the bylines.
Offering a shoulder when she cried!
Tried to reason when she was low.
Make him understand the other side or simply let go.

Amid all this,
I tried to figure out if this is love, as she said so.
Was it worth the pain, heartburn, separation?
But come that smile, or those special words
And I tell you she says it all worth it,
And I cross my heart and believe her so.

Why does love do this to people?
Make them do crazy things?
Want to hug one another, want to walk hand in hand
or want to steal looks or much more when no one watches over?
Why why why?

I don’t know!
Guess I’ll never know!

I know you all must be wondering if this is fiction or fact?
I will promise not to tell…
What the hell, you will never know!
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