Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Was it just yesterday?

Was it just yesterday we sat over mulling over a cup of coffee?
Was it just yesterday I shopped for someone I don’t even want to?
Was it just yesterday I was sending out vibes of a different kind?
Was it just yesterday I wished I was home?
Was it just yesterday I had that someone special close to me?
Was it just yesterday?
Or was it just another day?

Tell me… was it?
Sometimes we fool ourselves, but there’s this other person who knows just what’s going on. We don’t need to tell, we don’t need to, but yet this person knows without a clue? Who’s this person? Was it you?

Why we do things we don’t want to, is an another thing. May be we wanted to. May be we never learnt to say no! May be we did it as we felt we were obliged to. Why did I do this thing? I do not know!

Now vibes! That’s another thing. How come the person you target them to never seems to get them, yet all those around you know what’s on your mind and what you want to do. But ain’t that the true meaning of sending off vibes?

So was it just yesterday?


  1. Crazy Guys live happier in a Mad M(ad) world

  2. vibes ...Vibes...Vibes....i hope ur target .....
    Vibes ...Vibes....


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