Friday, November 28, 2008

The media. Argh!

Is the media right in covering everything that happens?
Aint we giving the terrorist even more info?
Yah right, the cable wires have been cut, but hello these people are terrorist, does the media honestly think they don’t have satellite phones, through which main organization can relay information.

So the media wants their TRPs to go up.

On the other hand the justification offered?! Everybody wants to know what’s happening, so relay it after consultation with the officials on what info can be diverged with!

I mean here the media is relaying live action, commandos breaking on the roofs, rescue operations. WHAT ARE WE DOING??
Supplying first hand info to the terrorist!
Army jawans, police personnel are loosing their lives and who is to be blamed for this?
The terrorist or the media?

What about the people who are trapped in. We all want to know what’s happening to them. All I am saying is do things, in a rational manner.

News should be news, it shouldn’t be relayed in a manner that could prove harmful to the lives of people who are trying to help or the hostages.
I hope the media realizes this, before it is too late.
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