Tuesday, November 25, 2008


15" computer
Office 2008
Bonnie magically appearing by my cubicle
Delvin thinking my hands were head-massagers
Bhai log
Insulting Werner
Harassing namrata
Pinging tan even though she was rite there
Varun telling me to go pee
People asking me out to a smoke, even though I don’t smoke
The brainstorming sessions on 'Wot's for lunch'
The philosophical discussions on life
Mandy bugging G
And G spoiling with a fight with mandy
The 2nd hand smoke
Seeing text twirl on peoples comps
The deepakisms
Stomping around like the bhai
Getting wow'ed by sam's artwork
Hitting people
My chair with the Vodafone sticker
My super cluttered messy desk
My suicidal notes and to-do lists
Ice-cream breaks to amici
Getting up late
Monzy’s voluminous laughter
I just miss everything, it would be hard not too :)
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