Monday, September 22, 2008

this kid...

i never thought of myself, that i would be capable of being someone's mentor.
i know i gave this kid a hard time.
but more importantly i know he worked even harder to prove himself.
i know there were times i was flabbergasted at what he wrote.
i wanted to pull my hair out!
unbelievable! ridiculous! yet super funny.
what he wrote became a copy team fun for reads.
but BUT when he put his mind to something there was something... nice!

now i know i can be intimidating
but i am me
this kid used to stand by my cubicle, overlooking yet always scared to step into the copy cubicle.
but then again we managed to connect.
i will never forget the one sms he sent me.
over-laden with emotion, i am his mentor & all,
and trust me i could have burst into tears.

then a few days later
he left!
dint i tell you he was there with us for just a month.
an intern he was.
the toughest we ever saw.

joooohneeeh yanada poooh
this is what he used to say to me... argh! kids!!!

anyway today like always he shares with me some really wonderful news.
winners of colisieum!
best script : 21 gun shot salute - karan shetty (orig script)

yup that's him... karan aka stud burger!
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