Monday, September 01, 2008

its been 3 years...

since i have been working here
ask me how has it been
and i will tell you it is
one helluva roller coaster ride

the high points of my career
awards, learnings, more awards, recognition, learnings...
and then there were some of the lows
struggling, learning, frustrated, hating what i was doing...
most i've been riding high,learning all the while

it was easy
cos i did what i loved to do
i learned a lot
from you, you and you

but it was also during this time
i've realised
i just cannot be diplomatic
i give my best when i have set on it
and i hate being told what to do, especially when i know it's going no where
more importantly
i've learned to be me

some people hate me for the way i am
but i just tell you things the way they are
there's no point in lying
and there's no point in doing something you do not love

so what am i still doing here
after 3 years! i ask myself
hoping to recapture
the lost days
when there was the 'u' still in the fun whilst working
hoping to find
someone to teach me something new
hoping to find
with the same dedication and support from others
hoping to see
a ray of light
hoping, hoping, hoping...

but i don't think it will happen
i think it's time
time to be the ray of sunshine
spread the light someplace else
spread my wings fly away
get away from the comfort
and face the challenges
that world presents

i am ready
i wanna break free
i want to do something different
may be i just want to get away
surround myself with...
new things
new ideas

are you listening?!
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