Tuesday, July 29, 2008

when so called "best friends" act smart :(

It is a Tuesday like no other. A) because bad things happened to good people (that is me) & more importantly because I had to provide my “best friend” aka Rockstar with reasons and instances why I am truly hurt!
And to top it off he even barfed! HOW RUDE!

So over gtalk this is what happened.
And it gets ugly…
and in brackets and italic my comments :(

Here begins from A-Z

A) no party on ur promotion
B) no panda

Rockstar: god u
no TV

C) no plasma tv
D) u don't even want to meet us
E) u don't even want to meet us on friendship day

Rockstar: i dint
realise it was friendship day ok

F) u don't even reply to chats
G) u don't even try to reply to chats
H) u pretend to NOT be at ur seat

Rockstar: my god
u have lost it
go get a life

(see the steady stream of insults?? … I still pursue, broken spirit and all…)

I) u don't read my blog
J) u never comment on my blog
K) u ignore my chat messages
L) u always do
M) N then u call me ur best friend
N) U never have time for me
O) u don’t even remember my blogs name

Rockstar: listen just visit a doc before u get home

(see the attitude?!)

P) u mock me

Rockstar: feelingbluengreenyellow

Q) then you google stuff and mock me, if mockin me in the first instance wasn’t enough

Rockstar: listen chill
i need to lave fr coll

R) u tell me to chill
S) then u say you have to go
T) u lie to me

Rockstar: bye bye bye

(see the caps used, he is screaming, screaming at me!)

U) u cut my conversations
V) mock me repeatedly

Rockstar: bye

W) never do wot i ask you, unlike vice versa

Rockstar: man

X) dont even read wot i say
Y) log off & cut me off
Z) push me to killin myself

He’s gone… POOF! See I told you, nobody cares. Not even my so called best friend.
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