Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The games people play …


It’s just fine! That guys are allowed to use certain words and you are not. Being a girl means you have to be all lady like and decent and coy and whatever the society deems as respectable behaviour for the so called fairer sex?!

Ok fine its not that I am saying I walk about to create controversy, but then I do like to do my own thing.


Isn’t this a free country? So whatever happened to my right to freedom of speech?

It’s a breech on my constitutional right and I need a lawyer to fight my case. I am not going to take this lightly.

(the devil – isn’t that what they want you to o? retaliate?)
The devil has a point! FINE

FINE you want to mess with me?
I’ll show you how it’s done  “Let’s put a smile on that face...” courtesy the Joker, The Dark Knight.

See the thing is sometimes we work so hard to be something we are NOT.
But with me, I just can’t do that.
What you see is what you get.

Sometimes you grow up , but you still know what’s right for you and what’s not. I fail to understand why some people think it’s in them to judge other people.
It beats the crap out of me to be and do something just because it makes somebody else happy.

Call me selfish, call me whatever you want.
But the world is full of morons and I am not going to be mingle amongst them.

So BACK OFF & leave me alone!
I love my life just the way it is
And what you want to say, you can do so by talking to my hand.
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