Monday, June 30, 2008

how it unfolded...

So what did I do?

Well for starters you wouldn’t want to know. And secondly I wouldn’t tell you

My birthday this year, I celebrated rather quietly. I don’t know why, but I just wanted it to be that way

So I did what I would do on any normal Saturday

Got up at 12 I think in the afternoon

And checked my mobile

And holy shit there were like a 1000 messages and missed calls

So I returned a few calls and let the rest be

Cause by then my Mama & Papa were calling me

I miss being home on my birthday

This was the fourth year I was away

May be next year the whole family will be together and you could sing me Happy Birthday

I had fun, my way

Washed half a bucket of clothes

Ate absolutely horrendous lunch

Put on a face pack, caught a wink

Before it was time to go

Well it was painful dressing up

I tried being me and even bent a nail


But there I was, as always indecisive

Shoes or sandals

Something so simple, yet I couldn’t decide till the rain played

Then you came

And my day got started

The dinner and the place, but that hardly mattered

The gifts will stay, yes they made by day

But it’s what followed that had me grinning in a crazy way

There were friends, extended family, they say

I am no one to complain

I love my birthday

And you in a very special way

I couldn't believe the day was so perfect

I thought something was going to go wrong

But I think I had my share of bargains

So God had blessed me now in a very special special way

I am not the one to pray

So trust me when I say this

Thank you Lord, for everything I had on my birthday

Thank you for my parents

Thank you for my brother

Thank you for my cat

Thank you for my cupcake

Thank you for my friends

Thank you for my extended family

Thank you for everything

For life, for love

And helping me bring a smile to each one’s face
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