Friday, June 27, 2008

25! The year that was…

I remember how it started
How could I forget
I hated it
And I could not believe it
That something like that could happen to me

But now when I look back and see
I see you and see a whole different me
The experiences changed me
It put life more in perspective
And realize that life is all about me

You won’t realize how much there is out there
All you got to do is venture there
Care not what others tell you
Just trust your heart
Give it all that you’ve got
And make sure you send me a postcard when you reach there

Then came a day I just woke up
And decided I’ve had enough
Living my life according to others
Is what I’ve done all my life
Now it’s my turn and you got to listen

So I packed my bag
And decided I had to go
Go to Europe
See the world
And know what’s in store

Rewinding a little more
I even adopted a child
A grown up kid in my office if no other
A costly affair
But he’s just a little baby as far as I know

There were rock concerts too
And trips with friends
Best friends getting married
Babies being born
Yellow cars, pink watches,
Meeting new people and so much more

And then came the day I had to tell
Something to someone
Who could well be the person
I could call mine

Ever yours…
Ever mine…
Ever thine…
Something so special
That makes me feel so happy and divine

A year that brought the best in me
Challenges I thought not possible
But were meant to be
So now I know
No matter what they tell me
I simply have to believe
Because belief helped me find ME!
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