Thursday, May 08, 2008

I would like to thank...

my Mama and my Papa and my little brother Lovell aka peekachoo, MM, love, for all the support and financial backing offered. I cannot reiterate enough without whom this trip would not be successful.

I would also like to thank the Knight of Eden aka stalker, who continually supported my dream and came around me with me, haggling with vendors to get me the perfect backpack and almost all the things I need for this trip. Most of all for listening to me raving and ranting about this and that. And for teaching me to keep my cool.

Mostly I would love to say a big thank you to animagix to showing me the way. For making me realize my dreams. And I must say dreams do come true. Thanks a ton sweetie. You are my true inspiration.

I would also like to thank the Don, for offering to drive me to the airport and the Khooni Haathi for coming along with me to get my travel insurance. I would also like to thank the goddess of Nirvana for getting me contacts in them foreign countries.

And I would also like to thank Cox & Kings (I) Ltd., Mumbai for all the help and fantastic support offered, especially Mr. Mehere.

And then yatin, and my boss for giving me this super 1 month leave, my team members (you guys are so dead :) ) and all the people on who had something or other to do with my preparations.

Thanks a ton guys!

I’ll keep ya posted how its going.
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