Monday, May 05, 2008

a DREAM that's coming true

u know there comes a time in your life
when you got to do what you got to do
here i am
doin just that

for the record
i do not have a lot of money
actually i planned this dream trip on 60k finances of my own
rather ambitious no?
and the rest... a lakh and something from my folks and brother
so that goes to say
after this trip of mine
i will be even poorer than before
and paying off a lot of debts :(
and to top it off am not on a huge salary at work (i so wish i were getting some 50-60K a month)

like i said this is a dream
a dream i dreamt
and i had to make it come true
before the clock struck 12 on 28th June 2008!!!

so here i am, in 4 days leaving for EUROPE!

yup u heard me right E U R O P E

i will tell you all about it in the weeks that go by
well i will be leaving on friday/saturday night in the wee hours of the morning
so my posts might not be very regular
but I promise to update you on each and every detail on tour

this people is MY LIFE CANT WAIT DREAM!
mine and mine alone
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