Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I am. You know who I am!

You know how I am. I live life as it comes. No rules. No definitions. I just do my own thing. I live in the moment, ‘cos that’s the way I am.

What I hate are charts and rules. I know what I want and it’s in my head. I do not need to define it on paper or have it staring at me pinned on a wall.

And I absolutely hate wasting money. I would rather spend money on good food than wasting it. Just the thought of doing so makes me mad.

I have had no shortage of the luxuries in life, but I do not flaunt it.

All said and done, I am blogging to get my irritation out.

Blogging helps me in ways I can't even tell you. I call it my “Blogressphy” (as in you know, Blog + Stress Therapy)

And I absolutely hate it when my plans get postponed. Things just don’t happen. You have to ALWAYS make them happen.

I am going to make this happen!

I will do what it takes… kicking your ass too, if I have to.

So stand out of my way.

Cos I am an angry young woman today.
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