Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wot a freaky day it was…

For the record I am sloshed!
Even so I can write and in all my senses I state that the below words are true to the best of my knowledge.

So the day begins…
8.55 am. Cussing for forced to being rudely awoken up by the alarm, a good 40 mins later than usual!
Then do my rituals and go to pick up my travel insurance papers.
Ok so there I am and I am NOT going to take off my shoes this time. Bloody hell after I spent a good 5 mins double-knotting my converse I don’t think unknotting them is worth the effort.
So after picking my papers, begins the debate…

10:05 am. Bus or train. Bus or train. Bus or train. Train? Train? Yup train wins. So I decide to walk to the station (I could lose some weight & save Rs. 13 too). Today being the first of April and the beginning of the next financial year I decide its high time I save up something & do so by saving up on the little things.

10:45 am. I am so late for work and out of money. So I go to the ATM to collect some cash. Sigh, my balance does not look good, it has never!

Then it’s the usual… boring mundane work… client servicing guys breathing down your neck… deadlines to be met… unrealistic commitments, etc etc.

12:50 pm. My book is here! Thank god. I was stuck in a brain dead brainstorming session. But am glad, my ‘Europe on a shoestring budget’ from the Lonely Planet is finally in my hands.

1:15 pm. Even better news. Moni is here!!! (for all those who don’t know Moni, she’s my best girlfriend, and she got married recently, so am really glad she is back even if it is for a few days)

Day continues… boring… b… o… r… i… n… g!

7:00 pm. Yatin calls. Yeap am so ready to meet ya. Only waiting for this boy.

7:35 pm. China something. Ok fine! I forgot the name. Nothing new!! Anyways we meet up. Yatin, me and the boy who cannot be named. :)
And this evening turned out to be the best thing that I could have ever asked for. Why you ask me?
Cos here I two really important people in my life ganging up on me. I am not complaining mind you. I had fun. Well they did get me to confess a lot of things. But I meant every word of it.
Its scary you know. And they knew it. I know.
They could see right through me.
But for the second time in my life, I laid what I had to right in front of the people that mattered and I hope they knew it too.

9:40 pm. I am having a panic attack. Where’s the bill? Where is it damnit! I just got some 40 mins to get back before the gates close.

9:48 pm. Sigh! The bill is cleared. Thanks a ton again Yatin! I owe you man… I really owe you. Not for picking the bill but for being there for me. For giving me your blessings, and for simply kicking my ass. (you are one of the privileged few who have this honour)

9:51 pm. Am in a cab after saying bye to Yatin. “Am really happy for you!” (touch wood… so am I)
Also after saying bye to the boy who cannot be named I am off home or to the prison I live in 

10:19 pm. I walk in the prison gates. And rudely they close the gates after me.

10:45 pm. Sleeping on my bed… staring at the ceiling, wondering if I am really stoned?! Suddenly I feel this need to blog. Out comes my laptop and the words flow…

11:20 pm. Bath break, for some insane reason I decide to have a steaming hot bath in the summer. I am still wondering why?

11:40 pm. Out of bath and back blogging.

11:56 pm. Done! Now I know what I had to say got said. I am happy today :)
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