Saturday, April 26, 2008

About Today

It is Saturday
I need to go to work
But I don’t complain

The journey took long
Today there’s no music, no books
Nothing to grab my attention
But you

The faces go by
Hoards of advertisings hits me
And suddenly I realize
I just cannot see…
More of the blue skies
More of the birds
More of you

Then it’s different
It always is
Watching that smile
Watching that stride
Just watching you

There was something different today
There was you
And then there was me
There was no reason
There we were, just friends you say
Having fun, if you may

So I am a drama queen
So I love walking
So I say, you must get the hoarding
And so I tell you a million things

I know you listen
I know you see
I know I am in the picture, somewhere
Is it black and white?
Is it coloured?
But, I know there’s something in there bigger than me

With me goodbyes are never easy
I hate them, cos I will be lonely
I have no one to go home to
It’s my choice, but still…
I hate letting go, cos I will have to wait one day more
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